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    Gift Ideas: Holiday Science Gift Guide

    HSTGift Guide

    Introducing the definitive guide to the smartest gifts under the tree. Our 2014 Science Gift Guide highlights bestselling educational gift ideas that make science fun for just about anyone! 

    Choose from gifts for geeks, grads, girls, boys, and even grandparents who love science! The following selection represents bestsellers, seasonal favorites, and staff picks. So whether you're shopping for your pre-med cousin, your rockhound neighbor—or even yourself—you're sure to find a great gift at a great price. Plus, our 90-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee and our new Rewards Program makes shopping for Christmas gifts at Home Science Tools easy on your mind and wallet!

    Family Spa Science  CSI Microscopic Life Robotics
    Chemistry How Things Work Magic Skygazing S.T.E.M.
    Kitchen Electronics Animals Future Doctors Crafts
    Nature Lovers Eco-Conscious Engineering Optical Science Anyone



    For the Whole Family:

    Lab coats for the whole family

    Thinking Putty Stretch it, tear it, knead it, smash it! A great toy for kids and parents! Choose from color-changing, magnetic, or glow-in-the-dark. Ages 7+

    AntWorks This "space-age habitat" is filled with a cool blue nutrient gel that feeds the ants.Watch them create fascinating tunnel designs. Ages 5 +

    Beaker Mugs Drink like a scientist with mugs made from a real beaker! Safe for hot or cold drinks and for microwave and dishwasher use. Ages 8+

    Lab Coats Dress the part with real lab coats in sizes for the whole family! With two patch pockets, breast pocket, and side vents, these are well-made and attractive! Ages 5+


    Chemistry Gifts:Chemistry Equipment Kit

    Chem C1000 Kit Perform 125 experiments, like making invisible ink, creating a mini fire extinguisher, generating electricity from a chemical reaction, and separating one color into many! Ages 8-14.

    Fizzy Foamy Science Kit Introduce young kids to chemistry with fun, easy projects that fizz, foam, and bubble. Ages 4-8.

    Intro to Chem & Chem Equipment These bestselling, top-reviewed companion kits offer a challenging introduction to chemistry with 25+ experiments and real chemistry tools. Ages 12+

    For Kitchen Scientists: 

    Make Your Own Chocolate Discover how products of the cacao tree blend together to form dark chocolate. Kit includes organic cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and even real cocoa beans. Ages 8+

    Cheesemaking Kit In under an hour, make fresh ricotta and mozzarella cheese at home using the ingredients in this kit plus milk or cream! Ages 10+

    Chemistry of Food Kit Learn about the chemical components of everyday foods as you test for glucose, starch, protein, and vitamin C. Ages 13+


    For Nature Lovers:

    Rock Hound Backpack Kit

    Rock Hound Backpack Kit With real, heavy-duty tools for rock collecting, test for properties of rocks and minerals, such as hardness, color streak, and more. Use the field guide to classify and identify the rocks and minerals. Ages 8+

    Young Naturalist's Backpack Kit Carry the tools of nature discovery! This kit includes binoculars, guide books, an insect net and pop-up habitat, plant press, notebook, and more. Kids can explore and learn about the insects, plants, birds, and other living things in their world. 2007 NAPPA toy award winner. Ages 7-13.

    Nature Walk Science  Search for treasures on a scavenger hunt; perform leaf chromatography; make a compass, and more! This kit was designed by Harvard graduates, scientists, educators, and parents. Ages 4+

    For Kids Interested in Cosmetic Science: 

    Perfume Science Kit  Explore the chemistry of perfume while making your own with the 20 activities and 8 scented oils in this deluxe kit! Ages 10+

    Ultimate Spa & Perfume Kit  Learn chemistry and make cleansing masks, foaming baths, oatmeal soap, facials, and more. Includes essential oils, Bentonite clay, sea salt, and more. Ages 8+

    Spa Science Kit Make face masks, fizzing bath balm, salt and sugar scrubs, and more using the included essential oils, glycerin soap, and more. Ages 9+ 


    For "How Things Work" Types:Motorworks Engine Kit from Smithsonian

    K'Nex Kid-friendly construction kits with snap-together make models ranging from a suspension bridge to a motorized carousel. Sets include educational guides and enough parts for several people to working together. Ages 8+

    Motorworks Engine Kit Make a working internal combustion engine and learn how a four cylinder, four-stroke gasoline engine works as you assemble this see-through model. Ages 9+

    Fischertechnik Dynamic Kit Learn about and demonstrate acceleration, inertia of mass, centrifugal force, law of conservation of energy, laws of motion, and more with the activity booklet and various experiments. Ages 9+

    Electronic Gadget Gifts:

    littleBits modular electronics kitsSnap Circuits Explore circuits! The kits' pieces snap together to make motion detectors, radios, sound-controlled switches, and more. Ages 7+

    littleBits  Experiment with light, sound, and more, with no soldering, programming, or experience required! Modular design means all pieces are compatible and configurations are endless! Ages 8+

    Electronics Lab 130-in-1 Build an AM radio station, burglar alarm, strobe lights, sound generators, metal detector, light dimmer, electronic organ, and much more! Ages 12+


    For Eco-Conscious Kids:Solar Powered Vehicles Kit

    Solar Power Vehicles Kit  Build & experiment with six different solar powered vehicles to learn about solar energy firsthand. Includes 3 solar cells, instruction manual, and 177 pieces! Ages 10+

    Wind Turbine Kit Learn about renewable energy, motors and generators, and electrical circuits with seven fun, practical experiments. Kit includes materials, instructions, and an explanation of how a wind turbine works. Ages 12+

    Enviro Battery Kit Make a battery from a potato, lemon, water, coins, or even a cup of dirt or a potted plant. Experiments include making a potato-powered clock, a lemon-powered LED bulb and more! Ages 8+


    For Young Detectives:

    Crime Scene Science Kit

    Crime Scene Science Kit Solve "The Mystery of the Disappearing Diamonds" as you explore forensic science with seven fun and detailed experiments to determine which of four suspects stole the precious stones. Ages 12+

    Whodunnit? Detective Spy Scope Use this duoscope and accessory kit to  analyze fingerprints, blood splatters, hair and fiber, writing and ink, fraud, acids and make your own prepares slides. Ages 12+

    Forensic Kit Pro Collect fingerprints using different methods and check for other evidence using a fluorescent light and orange tinted glasses. Ages 10+


    For Magicians:

    Chemistry Magic Tricks Kit Amaze your friends and family, and learn about pH, acids and bases, density, chromatography, and polymers. Do each experiment many times, so you can perfect them then perform for an audience! Ages 12+

    Magic Penny Magnet Kit Create arches, "airplane wings," bridges, balancing shapes, and even a levitating pyramid of pennies, and more. Perform 32 experiments with includes two powerful bar magnets and 24 British pennies. Ages 8+


    For Kids Who Love Animals:

    Grow-a-Frog KitGrow-a-Frog Kit Watch metamorphosis as a tadpole grows legs, loses its tail, and becomes a frog you can keep as a pet. A healthy frog is guaranteed! Ages 5+

    Butterfly Garden Observe Painted Lady caterpillars for about three weeks as they mature, change into chrysalises, and finally emerge as beautiful butterflies. Ages 5+

    Triops Hatchery Kit Hatch these fascinating triops, or "dinosaur shrimp," and watch them swim, eat, and grow to 1-3" long in just 30 days. Ages 6+


    Gifts for Engineers:Hydrodynamic Building Set

    Hydrodynamics Deluxe Building Set The perfect set for engineering-minded kids (or adults)! Explore how tanks, valves, pumps, and pipes work together as you build scale models of an ice cream factory, oil refinery, and more. Ages 9 & up.

    Engineering Toys & Kits Learn about engineering principles as you construct towers with Tekton architectural kits, vehicles with Engino engineering sets, models of bridges and more! Ages vary.


    For Exploring the Microscopic World:

    Home microscope

    Home Microscope Study the world close up with 40-400x magnification! Get all the features of a quality classroom microscope, but at an affordable price for home. Ages 8+

    20x i-Explore Stereo Microscope Take this cool microscope anywhere and look at almost anything up close with 20x magnification! Ages 5-14.

    Microscopic Life Kit  Examine bacteria, investigate tiny pond protozoa, and get an up-close look at some of the cells in your own body. Ages 10+

    My First Lab Duo-Scope Dual function allows you to view slides and solid object. Includes accessory kit. Ages 9+


    For Exploring the Night Sky:

    star theater 2

    Star Theater This home planetarium projects major constellations on the walls and ceiling of a dark room so you can see the galaxy all around you. Use it outside as a star map! Ages 8+

    Levenhuk Skyline 70mm Refractor Telescope For less than $120 you can get bright, clear views of the night sky, the moon, and planets! It has great optics and a precision equatorial mount to follow an object as the Earth turns. Ages 10+

    Secrets of Space Kit Introduce kids to the stars, moon, sun, and planets with the eight hands-on experiments in this Magic School Bus kit. Ages 6-10.


    For Future Doctors:

    Apprentice Doctor KitsMedical Science Kits Shop a variety of medical tools (stethoscope, otoscope, and more) and kits for home healthcare and education. Ages vary. 

    Blood Test Kit Identify your blood type at home with this complete single-use blood type test kit. More than 50 five-star reviews! Ages 12+

    Apprentice Doctor Kits  Accredited course/kits teach suturing, venipuncture, or patient exam. Complete kits include all coursework and medical instruments. Ages 13+


    Optical Science:Mystery of Rainbows Kit

    Spectroscope Analysis Kit  Watch elements burn with brightly-colored flames, each each producing a unique light spectrum. Ages 12+

    Cow Eye Dissection Kit This memorable dissection teaches about eye anatomy and how your eyes help your brain to see. Ages 12+

    Rainbows Mystery Kit  Use the scientific method to explore ways to make rainbows appear and learn about color and white light. Ages 6-10.



    Recon 6 Programmable RoverJungle Robot This beginner-level, sound-activated robot can walk like a gorilla and climb like an orangutan! Ages 10-13. (For older kids and adults, try the programmable Boe-Bot!)

    MOSS & Cubelets Modular Robotics introduces two all-new, easier-than-ever ways to learn about robots. These sets are for beginners through advanced. Ages 4+

    Recon 6 Rover  Program rover to tell a knock-knock joke, guard your room, deliver a snack, demolish a Lego structure, and more. Ages 8+

    S.T.E.M. Gifts:Gyrobot in action

    Demolition Lab  Aspiring demolition scientists will learn how to use energy and gravity to demolish structures with the press of a button. Ages 8+

    Gyrobot  Learn how gyroscopes work and how they are used everyday in smartphones, airplanes, navigation systems, and more. Ages 8+

    RC Machines Deluxe Build 20 working motorized robots and machines that you operate using a wireless infrared remote controller. Ages 10+


    Arts & Crafts: 

    Sample of sunprintsSuper Sunprint Kit  All you need is water, sunshine, and a little imagination for hours of fun making one-of-a-kind photographic-type prints. Ages 6+

    Paper Making Kit  Create your own handmade paper and unique stationery with this kit and recycled household wastepaper. Age 8+

    Plant Press Kit Science and art rolled into one! Find and identify flowers with the Wildflowers Golden Guide, and then preserve what you find. 


    A Gift for Anyone:

    Gift cards are always the right size, sure to arrive on time (via email), and guaranteed to give them what they really want!

    See our entire collection of educational gift ideas for kids & adults: Science Gifts.