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    • Blood Compatibility Project

      Blood Compatibility Project

      Use this project to illustrate blood type compatibility. If the color of the 'blood' changes, it is incompatible. If the color of the 'blood' stays the same, it is compatible.

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      What You Need:

      • 16 cups filled with water (four for each blood type)
      • Red food coloring
      • Blue food coloring
      • Pen or pencil and paper to record data

      What You Do:

      1. Fill 16 cups with water.
      2. Put red food coloring in four cups. They'll represent Type A blood.
      3. Put blue food coloring in four cups. These will represent Type B blood.
      4. Put blue and red food coloring in four more cups to make a purplish color; this will represent Type AB blood.
      5. Leave only water in the last four cups; this will represent blood Type O.
      6. Pour one of the red “A” blood type cups into another one of the “A” blood type cups. Since the color did not change, blood Type A is compatible for blood transfusions with blood Type A. Once you've recorded that data, discard the cup.
      7. Next, pour another red “A” into a blue type “B” cup. Since the color changed to purple, Type A blood and Type B blood are not compatible. Make a note of this as well.
      8. Then pour a different 'A' cup into the purple AB blood type.
      9. Finally, red type A will pour the last cup into type O.
      10. Repeat the steps with type B, AB, and O and record the results.

      What Happened:

      Blood Type A can only be given to Type A and AB patients. Blood Type B can only be given to Type B and AB patients. Blood Type AB individuals can receive blood from everyone, but can only donate to other AB blood type patients. Blood Type O individuals can only receive Type O blood, but they can donate blood to every other type. 

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    By: Betzaida
    Date: Jan 09, 2016

    You guys rock with this project!  I was looking for a simple but interesting project for my daughter, and this is the perfect one.

    By: Faith
    Date: Oct 27, 2015

    Amazing I love this project u should try it

    By: Peter Kalwani
    Date: Jun 03, 2015

    I will give this project to my 10 year boy to present at this school JETS presentation day.

    Great project thanks.

    By: B Pender
    Date: Feb 07, 2015

    Oh My Goodness what a WONDERFUL and SIMPLE way to explain this to young people!  Thank you!