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    • Electricity Quiz Game

      Electricity Quiz Game

      Build your own electronic board to test your friends, and see how much they know about batteries and electricity! When a question is answered correctly, a light bulb will instantly turn on. You can download our game board with questions about batteries, or come up with your own quiz about any topic you like.

      What You Need:

      What You Do:

      1. Example of quiz cardPrint out the game board on a piece of card stock.
      2. Beside each question, clip a paper clip onto the card. Do the same beside each answer.
      3. Turn the card over. Cut five lengths of copper wire that are long enough to reach across the card.
      4. Strip the insulation off each end of wire, taking off about one inch of coating. Hold a pair of scissors in one hand, then clamp the wire between the scissor blades and gently rotate the wire until the coating has been scored all around. Pull the coating free from the wire, leaving the copper ends exposed.
      5. Wire the board as shown to the right, creating five pairs of paper clips connected together with wire. Try sticking the bare wire end under the paper clip, or twisting it around so it stays in place..
      6. Using several pieces of tape, secure the wire pieces to the back of the card.
      7. Cut three more lengths of wire about 6 inches long, and strip the ends.
      8. Connect wire #1 to a nail by wrapping the end securely around the nail several times, then connect the other end to the positive terminal of the battery. (If you don't have a battery holder, use a piece of electrical or masking tape to hold the wire in place).
      9. Connect wire #2 from the negative terminal of the battery to one side of the bulb socket (with bulb screwed in).
      10. Connect wire #3 to the other side of the bulb socket. Attach the free end to another nail.
      11. Your quiz game is ready to play! Touch one nail to the paper clip next to a question and the other to the paper clip by an answer. If it's the correct answer, the light bulb will light up!

      What Happened:

      When you touched the nails to the paired paper clips, electricity was able to flow from the battery to the light bulb. Since the nails and paperclips are made of metal that conducts electricity, a complete circuit was made, with electrons flowing continuously from negative to positive. If the answer you chose is incorrect, the electrical circuit is not complete, so the light bulb will not shine.

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