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    Product Info: Microscopes

    Updated Drivers for Microscope Digital Cameras

    How long do chemicals and microscope stains last?

    Microscope Slide Quality

    Do you have a compound microscope with magnification higher than 1000x?

    I recently purchased a microtome from your company. How do I use it?

    Cleaning and Caring for Microscope Slides

    Can I view microscope slides with a stereo (low power) microscope?

    Do you ever have used or reconditioned microscopes?

    How do I attach the mechanical stage to the microscope?

    Basic microscope maintenance & troubleshooting tips

    What is the best stain for kids to look at their cheek epithelial cells under a microscope?

    Which microscope do you most highly recommend?

    Why don’t you sell any microscopes that are not made in China?

    Why buy a microscope from Home Science Tools?

    What do the abbreviations on your microscope slides mean?

    Can I save any money by buying more than one microscope?

    What is a mechanical stage, and will I need it for high school?

    What is the difference between a low power and a high power microscope?