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    • Let’s Look Closer

      Let’s Look Closer

      You know that your eyes are what you see with. But how do they work, and what are the different parts of your eye? Take a closer look at your eyes with this science project.

      What You Need:

      What You Do:

      1. Look in the mirror at your eyes. What color are they? What different parts of the eye can you see? Your eyeball is white with a colored iris and dark pupil in the center. Use the colored pencils and the worksheet to fill in your eye color.
      2. Blink your eyes a few times in the mirror and notice your eyelid, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Put the mirror down.
      3. Notice the way your eyes can move. Can you look around the room without moving your head?
      4. Pick up the magnifying glass. Choose something to examine up close, such as a book, a shell, rock, plant, or even your own hand. Move the magnifying glass back and forth until you can see close-up details. Tilt the magnifying glass slowly side to side and see what happens.
      5. If you like, finish filling out the worksheet by getting eye information from other people.

      What Happened:

      Your eye has many parts. Some of them are on the outside, and so you can see them, and some of them are inside your eye where you cannot see them. Eye color (blue, brown, green) happens because of our iris. The magnifying glass you used helped you see close up. Our eyes sometimes need help - glasses or a magnifying glass can help us see better.

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