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    • Microscope Gift Buying Guide

      Looking for a microscope to give as a Christmas gift? Here's a quick overview of what's most popular. All of these are highly rated with 5-star customer reviews!

      Microscope for younger kids:

      Kids LED Cordless Microscope:  This portable, battery-powered microscope can go anywhere!  But more importantly, it's got the real glass optics that let kids see images clearly. They'll get none of the blurriness of cheaply-made toy microscopes that are a similar price. It has 40x, 100x, and 400x magnification. This scope comes with free slides, but you can also order the kids microscope slide set. Ages 5 & up.

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      Microscope for older kids and adults:

      Home Microscope:  This is our most popular microscope. It's user-friendly and durable, plus has high-quality optics that give you magnification of 10x, 40x, and 100x to see intricate details. It has precision coarse and fine focus and cool fluorescent light. And it's backed by a lifetime warranty!

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      Ultimate Microscope:  Get exceptional optical clarity and 1000x magnification with this deluxe scope. It has a built-in mechanical stage to make it easy to position slides, plus it comes with bright halogen lighting with variable intensity. Lifetime warranty.

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      These accessories also make great gifts:

      General Microscope Slide Set:  This collection of 25 professionally prepared slides includes specimens like an insect compound eye, single-celled paramecium, penicillium mold, flowers, and leaf cross-section.

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      3.0 Megapix Digital Camera: Take still photographs and video with 3.0 megapixel resolution! This special eyepiece camera attaches easily to your microscope. You can capture 2592 x 1944 pixel images of everything you see under the microscope.

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