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    • Science Experiment Videos

      Science Experiment Videos

      Watch cool science experiments in action with these project videos from Home Science Tools!  See liquids change colors, styrofoam cups melt without burning, and caterpillars make the amazing change into a butterfly...plus much more!  Get ideas for doing these science experiments on your own, or just watch the videos to see the fun science demonstrations.

      Featured Experiment Video:
      Water Filtration Experiment

      Chemistry Science Experiment Videos


      • Color-Change Tricks - watch video >>
      • Do some science magic with a few chemicals and some drinking glasses.>

      • Collapsing Styrofoam Cup Project - watch video >>
      • Make a styrofoam cup implode on itself when you pour a little acetone on it.
      • Chromatography: Hidden Colors - watch video >>
        Split black ink into a rainbow of colors, using household materials.
      • Food Chemistry Projects - watch video >>
        Test for vitamin c, starch, and glucose in everyday foods.
      • Make a 'Lava Lamp' - watch video >>
        Create your own bubbly lava lamp effects with household ingredients.
      • Mystery Pitcher Chemistry Magic - watch video >>
        Pour out a clear liquid and make it mysteriously change color.
      • Electroplate a Key - watch video >>
        Use electricity to copper-plate a brass key.

      Life Science Experiment Videos

      • Watch the Butterfly Lifecyle - watch video >>
        See a caterpillar turn into a chrysalis and then butterfly.
      • See What's Inside an Owl Pellet - watch video >>
        Go on a miniature bone hunt with this popular project.
      • Bacteria Science Project Guide - watch video >>
        Grow bacteria at home with these cool ideas (using agar & petri dishes).

      Physical Science Experiment Videos

      • Build a Simple DC Motor - watch video >>
        See the forces of electricity & magnetism in action with a homemade motor.
      • Balloon Rocket Car - watch video >>
        Use a balloon to power a homemade car made from one of your old water bottles.
      • Make a Tomato Battery - watch video >>
        Make an electric current using metal electrodes and a tomato!
      • Egg in a Bottle Project - watch video >>
        Do an impossible feat and make an egg fit through a hole that's too small for it.

      General Science Experiment Videos

      • Crack Open a Geode - watch video >>
        See the cool crystals and mineral deposits you can find in geodes.
      • Why Does Popcorn Pop? - watch video >>
        Real science: use a test tube to make a kernel of corn turn into fluffy popcorn.
      • What to Do With Thinking Putty - watch video >>
        Get tips and tricks for what to do with this cool color-changing substance.


      >> Go to the Home Science Tools channel on YouTube to see all of our videos!

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