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    good and convienient
  • Maria
  • 07/06/2016
  • I have used this product as an object lesson for VBS (about sin and how Jesus cleans up our sin and can't be contaminated by it). It worked very well. I have also used it once to test out the "rate doubles for every 10 degree increase in temperature" rule in Apologia Chem, ed.2, Module 14. It was much better than the optional microchem lab, which is very subjective. The iodine clock reaction is so dramatic, you can't miss when it happens. The microchem lab ends "when you can't see through the precipitate anymore. " I give each lab group two test tubes with the two solutions in this experiment to keep in a water bath while we prepare. Each group has a different temperature. We complile and graph the data to see if the "rule" seems to work. :) This reaction works well for exploring how rate affects concentration also. I am going to add a section to the experiment for that this year. I still have some chemicals left from the first kit I bought after using it 3 times...
    Got to love the look of their faces!
  • Jeffrey
  • 05/28/2016
  • Was done as part of a GS badge and all the girls loved the change in color and to change it back again. I now think we will have a few girls who will look at science in a more positive way. Way to Go!
    Be sure that you know what you are ordering!
  • Samantha
  • 03/19/2016
  • This kit is great, but make sure you want a linear chemical reaction NOT an oscillating reaction. It will NOT repeat over and over. Order the oscillating reaction kit for that. I called, but the girl didn't know either. Luckily, it was a good opposite to use for my dd's homeschool science fair demonstration - she was showing oscillating reaction. We had time to order this, see it wasn't what we needed, and order with shipping the oscillating kit... for $20 shipping upgrade. My sweet son said, "I'll pay for it, K!" Love that.

    reward points

    Clock Reaction Kit

    Ages 12+

    Item# KT-CLOCK

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    Product Overview
    Experiment with reaction rates based on chemical concentration and temperature using the famous iodine clock reaction.

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    QUANTITY 1 - 9 10+
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      Clock Reaction Kit

      Experiment with reaction rates based on chemical concentration and temperature using the famous iodine clock reaction. Mix two clear liquids and watch as they suddenly turn an inky blue! Includes all materials, chemicals, and instructions for 13 experiments.

      Science Fair Project Ideas:

      • How does changing the amounts of reactants change a reaction? What about changing the concentration of solutions?
      • How does temperature affect a reaction?  Test each chemical at room temperature, colder, and warmer to see its effect.

      Safety Note: This kit contains chemicals that can be harmful if misused. Use only with adult supervision.

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