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    Copper & Iron Test Kit

    Ideal for Grades 6+

    Item# SB-CUFEKIT

    $49.95 in_stock

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    Expected to Ship: 11/02/2017

    Product Overview

    This kit is expected to ship 11/28/17.

    Explore the "magic" of chemistry with color-changing chemical reactions students can see!

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    • Product Details

      Copper & Iron Test Kit

      Explore the "magic" of chemistry with color-changing chemical reactions students can see! Just right for a budding chemist, this kit allows young scientists to explore the levels of copper and iron in different solutions. This fun, fast, and visually striking experiment involves solutions that change from reddish-orange to blue so you can easily “see” the results of your experiment. We've included test tubes and a graduated cylinder to ensure that you have all the proper chemistry tools at your fingertips. This kit is perfect for a fun introduction to the wonders of chemistry.

      *Important Note: This kit comes with enough test tablets to do 3 full trials.

      Instructions for this kit are available online, see below for links to the instructions and more.

      You will also need from home:

      • Distilled water (available at grocery stores)
      • Skewers
      • White vinegar
      • Permanent marker
      • Plastic cups, 16-ounce (oz.) size (12)
      • Pennies, should all be dull and dingy (30)
      • Timer or stopwatch
      • Strainer
      • Paper towels
      • Liquid measuring cup, metric

      Instructions are available online:  Copper & Iron Test Kit Instructions

      For troubleshooting tips please see:  Frequently Asked Questions

      Copper Iron Test Kit Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

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