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    Enjoyable discovery!
  • Laurel
  • 09/13/2016
  • I have a 3rd grader who loves science, but after a year of Apologia, his delight was almost dead. This year we began with this kit. It is the best part of our day. Science instruction should offer the joy of discovery, and this does the job. We have completed the circuit, added the resistors, diode, and powered the motor. While it clearly isn't designed for a 3rd grader, the instructions are clear enough for me to understand and explain to him. The alligator clips are very slippery, making them tough to use, but we are managing. The topic is practical, and leads us to studying the "Why" behind what we are doing. This is a "light a fire" kind of educational resource, not a "fill the bucket" textbook.
    Electrical STEM Kits
  • Peter
  • 02/27/2016
  • These kits offer a lot of simple but fun experiments for my 8th grade students. I put them out on the lab tables and when my student are not fully attentive, they use the kits to experiment. Their knowledge and drawing connections to solar, chemical and electrical energy has really improved with their chance to "experiment" with these kits.
  • Samuel
  • 12/31/2015
  • I used it in grade 7 class, and they loved it! Soon, I will bring it home for my own children to explore and enjoy! Thanks for a great kit!

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    Electricity Investigation STEM Kit

    Ages 11+

    Item# EL-KIT01

    $29.95 in_stock

    In Stock

    Product Overview
    What is electricity? What's a circuit? Ohm’s Law? Find these answers & more! Build a motor, connect circuits & conduct solar power.

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    QUANTITY 1 - 9 10+
    PRICE $29.95 $26.95
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    • Product Details

      Electricity Investigation STEM Kit

      Kids will love investigating electricity with this hands-on STEM electricity science kit. Explore electricity with nine step-by-step experiments. Learn how to read a circuit schematic and use the Scientific Method.

      Even young children will enjoy learning about electrical power with adult guidance. Parents at every science-literacy level can teach electricity using the easy-to-follow experiment guide.

      Here’s how:

      The one-box electricity science kit guides students through nine experiments. This top-rated, bestselling kit is intended for one student learning independently. In a school setting, up to three students working together in a group can share one kit.

      All materials and instructions for the experiments are included.

      Investigate the basics of electricity, while you discover:

      • Parallel & series circuits
      • Light bulbs
      • Resistors
      • Motors
      • Electromagnets
      • Solar power
      • And more!

      But what about science fair?

      This electricity set is easy to adapt for science fair. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

      Electricity Science Fair Project Ideas:

      • Can you use a solar cell to charge a battery? How can you demonstrate how effective your charger is? Test your ideas, and record the results.
      • How do resistors affect a circuit when they are used in parallel or series?
      • How can you use a voltage regulator to convert high voltages to safer, lower voltages? Compare the voltage regulator circuit to a simple resistor circuit.

      And the best part?

      Whether you use this kit for STEM summer camp, at school, or to learn at home, the result is the same. Students will understand the basic vocabulary surrounding dynamic electricity, including:

      • Electron the smallest particles, they orbit an atom’s nucleus (formed by denser protons & neutrons) and have a negative charge
      • Current – the rate at which electrons flow through a material
      • Voltage –measure of the force of electrons being pushed through a material (volt, volts)
      • Circuit – path between two or more points through which electrical current can travel 
    • Contents
    • Experiments

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