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    Excellent for science project
  • Sandra
  • 01/19/2016
  • My 6th grader used this Glo Germ as part of her science fair project. Her goal was to illustrate which hand washing method would most effectively lessen the risk of cross contamination (as related to food allergens.) My daughter had a small group of people apply the Glo Germ before each washing method and documented how much of the gel was left on each volunteer's hands after washing. The gel and light were very effective for this experiment and more importantly very easy to use. When looking with the flashlight in a dark room, it was clear where Glo Germ residue was left behind. For the record, soap and water was the only method to remove all traces of Glo Germ. Hand sanitizer removed none of it. Baby wipes and just water removed most, but not all.
    great product
  • JG
  • 09/27/2015
  • Purchased to use with 5th graders. They loved it! Product is super easy to use.
    Cool Glow Product!
  • Grysell
  • 02/16/2015
  • This glow kit works exactly the way it's supposed to. The glow germ gel lasts a really lasts a long time if the container is kept closed. I have done many demonstrations and it's the best way to teach students from elementary to college level about germs and biology. I have even used the glow gel in some chemistry glow in the dark lessons as it blends perfectly into your skin.

    reward points

    Glo Germ Gel 8 Ounce Complete Kit

    Ages 10+

    Item# KT-GLOGERM

    $32.95 in_stock

    In Stock

    Product Overview
    This unique Glo Germ™ Gel experiment kit is a memorable way to show how germs spread and how good hand washing technique is important in preventing disease.

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    QUANTITY 1 - 9 10+
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      Glo Germ Gel 8 Ounce Complete Kit

      This unique Glo Germ™ Gel experiment kit is a memorable way to show how germs spread and how good hand washing technique is important in preventing disease! It can be easily adapted for a great science fair project.

      This experiment kit comes with an 8-oz. bottle of Glo Germ™ gel, which simulates the behavior of real germs when you rub it on your hands. Using the included UV black light, these "germs" will glow and show kids whether they've washed their hands well. The kit comes with directions for completing five different experiments. Batteries included. The 8 ounce bottle of Glo Germ™ Gel is sufficient for 75-100 applications.

      This kit now includes an improved, brighter UV black light. The 9-bulb LED black light is bright enough to see the GloGerm™ residue from a distance of over five feet. It has a convenient push-button on/off switch that is easy to use.

      Science Fair Project Ideas:

      • What is the effect of water temperature on hand washing? What is the effect of time?
      • Which soaps work best for hand washing? What about for washing fruits or vegetables?
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