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Image of Kindergarten with an entire year of science unlocked.
Image of the first grader with an entire year of Science Unlocked.
Image of See You Around contents manuals, construction paper, penlight, star chart, oreos
Image of Go With The Flow kit contents pie pans, pebbles, peat moss, modeling clay, food coloring
Sun Blocker solar energy home elementary curriculum kit
Image of Squishy Science kit contents glue, dish soap, balloons, slime, cups, cornstarch
Super Seeds Curriculum Elementary
Elementary physics sound wave home kit
Penguin Parenting elementary home science kit
Parts in Place elementary structures curriculum kit
Image of Keys to Life kit contents gloves, modeling clay, magnifying glass, forceps, plastic animals
Hot and Cold elementary temperature science kit

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Lesson planning and doing science at home is now easier than ever. With Science Unlocked, you can filter your interest and build a program specifically for your children. Each kit contains a full month of fun and easy hands-on science activities.