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Image of middle school student with an entire year of Science Unlocked.
Image of high school student with an entire year of Science Unlocked.
Raining on our Parade
Image of See You Around contents manuals, construction paper, penlight, star chart, oreos
Feeling the Pressure
The Dark Side
Image of Go With The Flow kit contents pie pans, pebbles, peat moss, modeling clay, food coloring
Ancient Organisms home biology kit high school
Image of Rocks and Resources kit contents paper cups, ruler, funnel, magnifying glass, beakers, skittles and m&ms
Image of Weather Watch kit contents bottles, shaving cream, cups, food coloring, thermometer
Hazards and humans student guide and workbook, playdough, sand, pebbles, tape, rubber bands, toothpicks
working with watersheds student workbook and teacher guide, nail, color tablets, tin foil, modeling dough, soil

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Lesson planning and doing science at home is now easier than ever. With Science Unlocked, you can filter your interest and build a program specifically for your children. Each kit contains a full month of fun and easy hands-on science activities.