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  • A.L.
  • 02/23/2010
  • After 3 failed attempts to hatch quail and chicken eggs with the basic (yellow) incubator sold on this site, we decided to try one more time with the Hova-Bator. We now have 2 lovely chicks who are almost a week old! This device is simple to assemble and use. While we did occasionally have trouble maintaining the proper temperature, a quick and temporary covering of the air holes did the trick. The temp does decrease rapidly when the lid is opened, so it's important to turn the eggs and close the lid quickly. I recommend this product for the hobbyist or homeschooling family who want to use it occasionally. Good luck and happy hatching!

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    Hova-bator Thermal Air Incubator

    Ages 10+

    Item# BE-HOVABAT

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    Product Overview
    The Hova-bator is one of the best small incubators on the market and it is the most affordable egg incubators that produces consistent hatching results.

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      Hova-bator Thermal Air Incubator

      The Hova-bator is one of the best small incubators on the market and it is the most affordable egg incubator that produces consistent hatching results. It's perfect for use in home or classroom settings. Two windows on the top provide viewing throughout the incubation and hatching period. The 25-watt radiant heat tube gently warms the air and eggs inside the incubator. This incubator features a molded Styrofoam case for insulation, wafer thermostat for accurate temperature control, thermometer, and plastic bottom liner for easy cleaning. Capacity ranges from 120 quail eggs to 42 duck eggs. Order eggs separately. Dimensions are 18" x 18" x 7-1/2". 110-volt AC heating element provides 25 watts. Optional automatic egg turner also available.

      Note: This Hova-bator incubator requires egg turning and temperature monitoring 3-4 times per day for every day of the incubation period. Adult supervision is required to ensure hatching instructions are followed carefully. The successful hatching rate is typically 50-75% when instructions are followed. Due to many variables beyond our control, successful hatching rates are not guaranteed.

      You can order an 8/pack of quail eggs here as well.

      Why choose a Hovabator?

      • Excellent insulation allows use of a low wattage (25-watt) heater to eliminate hot spots and increase hatch rates.
      • Versatile thermostat controls temperature accurately from 72°F to 110°F to incubate all types of bird and reptile eggs.
      • Ample air vents provide fresh air while maintaining a consistent temperature.
      • Thermal action of the heated air creates air circulation as hot air flows out the top vents and fresh air is drawn in through the bottom vent. This thermal air flow also helps dry the chicks after they hatch.
      • Wafer thermostat uses proven, accurate technology that produces good hatch results.
      • Durable, washable liner keeps the bottom clean and leak-proof.
      • Incubator has 6.75" headroom for large chicks like duck and goose.
      • High sidewalls keep chicks in when the top is removed.

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