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  • MR T
  • 03/05/2015
  • My children love the medical field. I probably love the videos in this course more than them. There are videos of surgery with surgeons explaining what is happening. There is an extensive focus on handwashing and I haven't delved into the body systems, yet. This is exactly what we wanted. I am still trying to find a way to print some of the information as it is valuable enough with which to spend time away from the screen.
    more than expected
  • Carolyn
  • 08/27/2013
  • This was so much more than I expected! Although the product description lists all that is in included, it is hard to imagine all that is really in it. I cannot wait to give it to my daughter for her birthday!!!
    amazing quality
  • Rebecca
  • 08/24/2013
  • I was shocked at the great quality of this kit. The instructional CD is amazing and the scope is extensive. I highly recommend this for upper level study.

    reward points

    How to Examine Patients Course & Kit

    Ages 11+

    Item# KT-APDEXAM

    MSRP $79.00
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    Product Overview
    This fascinating course and kit by The Apprentice Doctor on How to Examine Patients for future doctors provides a thorough introduction to medical examination principles.

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    • Product Details

      How to Examine Patients Course & Kit

      This fascinating course and kit by The Apprentice Doctor on How to Examine Patients for future doctors provides a thorough introduction to medical examination principles. Whether you are a teenager or adult interested in a medical career or a parent that simply wants to better understand how to examine a sick child, you will enjoy and benefit greatly from this course.

      Much more than a quick "how-to" experiment kit for kids, this is a complete course on the basics of medical principles and patient examination. The heart of the course is an eLearning flash drive that takes you step-by-step through the content. Learn by reading, watching, listening, and actually doing it yourself through videos, special audio files, and practicing the medical techniques using the hands-on instruments included with the course. You can review and practice any section of the course repeatedly until you master both the concepts and practical techniques.

      This thorough and complete introductory course develops knowledge of medicine and the human body while teaching practical applications of how to examine patients. The following major sections comprise the course:

      • Introduction: sterility and asepsis, medical history
      • Principles of Examination: sound/hearing, light/vision, medical instruments, patient examination
      • The Human Body Systems: all 11 systems including skin/covering, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive
      • Diseases: diagnosis of diseases, water and electrolyte balance, trauma, specific diseases
      • Medical Chapters: six flash drive chapters (compatible with Windows and Mac) and 14 online chapters on cardiology, airways, safety aspects, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, and more
      • Careers in medicine and further opportunities

      If your child dreams of becoming a doctor or having another medical career, this course teaches the theory and helps her practice and master the basic techniques of medical examination, while preparing her for a fulfilling lifelong career in medicine. The eLearning flash drive alone is worth more than twice the price of the complete course; add in the included tools, and this Apprentice Doctor How to Examine Patients Course and Kit is an exceptional value. You provide two AAA batteries.

      A sphygmomanometer is optional and not included in this kit, but we highly recommend that you purchase one to learn to measure blood pressure.

      The Apprentice Doctor How to Examine Patients Course and Kit includes more than 50 projects to apply what you have learned. Sometimes these involve listening to audio files of the digestive systems, heart, lungs, and more to discern "normal" and "abnormal" sounds. Other times these projects involve using the various instruments to develop and hone hands-on examination technique.

      WARNING: This course and the instruments included are intended exclusively for educational purposes. It is strictly prohibited for use in medical situations. Supervision by a responsible adult is recommended for students under 18.

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