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    Learning Center

    Tips for Teaching Science

    Do you find that you need to expand your science teaching toolkit? Home Science Tools is ready to help you, every step of the way. We offer tips for new teachers as well as seasoned instructors with growing students who require new approaches to teaching.

    Explore this section of the Learning Center to find tips and advice for teaching all grades K-12. You find get ideas for getting more hands-on with your science instruction, develop science and critical thinking skills, and engaging your students for a richer learning experience. The variety of topics will help you teach science more effectively and with greater confidence.

    Why Do Hands-on Science at Home?

    Children of all ages are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them. You can easily feed this curiosity engaging them in real science discovery and learning. This is learning that lasts a lifetime and enriches their future. Whether you are a parent, homeschool parent-teacher, or classroom teacher, we’re here to help you engage the curiosity of your young scientists.

    Explore Tips for Teaching Science

    How Kids Learn Science Best

    Kids learn science in a superior way when we feed their natural curiosity and use their developing science skills to do real science hands-on.
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    Teaching Science at Home

    Do you view science as a priority in your school curriculum? You, as the parent-teacher, set the tone for the school year through your attitude towards science.
    Read More

    Teaching Science to Multiple Students

    There are several advantages to teaching science to multiple students at the same time.
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    Why Science Gifts are Great for Kids

    The lifelong gift of science—so engaging and fun kids forget they are learning! - See more at: http://www.hometrainingtools.com/learning-center#sthash.CB5Pgfyf.dpuf
    Read More

    Developing Science Skills in Students

    Science involves the development of key skills. As you help your students develop these skills they will use and apply science in their daily lives.
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    Keeping a Science Notebook

    Learn how you can guide young scientists of any age to use a science notebook as a valuable aid to science discovery and learning.
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    The Scientific Method for Grades K-12

    The scientific method contains the necessary technique for hands-on science discovery, building science skills, and reaching sound scientific conclusions.
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    Accommodations for Diversity

    Use the following suggestions to guide you in constructing an individual learning experience that allows students with differing abilities to excel.
    Read More

    Tips for Teaching Science Grades K-2

    Students between five to eight years old are naturally curious with an inclination to explore using all their senses. This poses some unique…
    Read More

    Tips for Teaching Science Grades 3-5

    Students who are 8-12 years of age move from thinking concretely and literally to being able to think more creatively or abstractly…
    Read More

    Tips for Teaching Science Grades 6-8

    Students who are 11-14 years old thrive on their own interests. Encourage independent exploration of topics…
    Read More

    Tips for Teaching Science Grades 9-12

    Students who are 14-19 years of age are distracted by outside activities and can be challenging to teach if not interested in science…
    Read More

    Back to School Planning and Prep

    Are you 100% ready for back-to-school? If not, learn to plan and prepare like a pro with these practical tips.
    Read More

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