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    Light and Optics

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    1. MSRP $34.95
      $31.40 You save 10% in_stock
      Play around with light, optics, and visual perception as you do the 42 fun projects in this kit. more

    2. $6.95 As low as: $6.26 in_stock
      Use overflow cans to measure the volume of irregular objects for density and specific gravity determinations. more

    3. $7.50 in_stock

    4. Optics Essentials Equipment Kit
      MSRP $43.95
      $29.95 You save 32% in_stock
      Start exploring with light and optics using this lab equipment set. The essentials set contains a variety of materials to experiment on your own or for use with your curriculum. It includes lenses, mirrors, prism, refraction box, light source, and more! more

    5. $3.50 in_stock
      Clear pony beads that change color when exposed to UV light. more

    6. $14.95 in_stock
      Help kids explore the interaction between light and matter with a simple spectrometer they assemble themselves. Introduce fundamental light and measurement concepts through personal observation. With three levels of hands-on experiments, kids from elementary through high school can observe spectra through diffraction grating and compare clear and colored samples. more

    7. $19.95 in_stock
      Explore the world of rainbows by doing the fun hands-on science experiments in this Magic School Bus kit. more

    8. $47.95 in_stock
      Tech Light Lab is an easy and fun educational light experiment kit that teaches about properties of light with 10 fun experiments. more

    9. $29.95 As low as: $26.96 in_stock
      Learn about and experiment with light and optics. more

    10. $25.50 in_stock
      Study optics with this complete kit. more

    11. $24.95 in_stock
      Explore the science of spectroscopy as you watch elements burn with brightly-colored flames, each each producing a unique light spectrum. more

    12. MSRP $79.95
      $67.95 You save 15% in_stock
      The new Snap Circuits Light kit shows you another side of music. more

    13. $34.95 in_stock
      This kit contains everything for single and double slit light interference and diffraction studies. more

    14. $1.70 As low as: $1.53 in_stock
      Diffraction grating are used separate light into its different colors. more

    15. MSRP $24.95
      $22.50 You save 10% in_stock
      Introduce your young kids to physical science in a fun way. more

    Grid List

    Items 1-15 of 68

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    On these pages, find optics bench equipment for experimenting with lenses, binoculars for terrestrial and lunar viewing, or a spectroscope. Check out our selection of light and optics equipment, including lenses and mirrors, magnifying glasses, a radiometer "solar engine," and light spectra analysis kits.

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