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Log, store & transmit experiment data with these wireless sensors!

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Take your experiments to the next level with sensor loggers! Most scientists use sensors and data loggers every day, so bringing them into the classroom simulates real world experience. Using sensors in experiments replaces the lengthy process of recording data and creating graphs, giving students more time to analyze the collected data and create modifications to the experiments.

NeuLog offers an easy, economical, and precise method for conducting experiments and tracking data in the lab or the field. One interface works with any of NeuLog’s sensor modules, so it’s easy to expand your sensor collection. Use NeuLog sensors in your experiments to start analyzing your data sooner. Measure voltage, current; and temperature; connect by WiFi or USB; use rechargeable battery module.

To collect sensor readings, use one of the following options:

  • The USB Module (ME-NLUSBMD)allows you to interface up to 50 sensor modules to your desktop computer, laptop, or other smart device that supports USB input. It is compatible with Windows/PC and Mac and uses a web browser-based graphic interface to communicate with the sensors (no internet connection is needed after a one-time software download and installation).
  • The Wi-Fi module (ME-NLWIFI) allows you to interface up to 5 sensor modules to your smartphone, tablet, or other WiFi-enabled device. The module creates its own wireless network for you to access through your device, allowing multiple users and devices to track sensor data simultaneously (no internet connection required). It works with any WiFi-enabled device with an installed browser, making it compatible with any operating system. No software or driver downloads are required. This module is by far the most sophisticated and versatile interface that NeuLog offers, and it is ideal for collecting sensor readings over long periods of time and in places where the USB Module is impractical or inconvenient.

NeuLog’s sensor modules come in durable, compact polymer housing, making data collection easy to set up and manage.