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Apologia Biology Companion CD

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Grades 8-11
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This Apologia biology CD is the multimedia companion to Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology course. Read More

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NOTICE: The price for this product may differ from our most recent catalog. This discrepancy is a result of pricing rules that Apologia put in place after our catalog went to print.

This Apologia biology CD is the multimedia companion to Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology course. It contains all of the add-ons from the Apologia Biology CD-ROM course, but does not include the text. This is the perfect supplement for those who are using a print textbook but also want the extras that can be found on the CD-ROM. It's also great for the student who does not own a microscope, as microscopic videos are included. 2nd ed.

Examples of multimedia content on this CD:

  • Animation: Louis Pasteur's experiment - moving diagram demonstrating the methods and results of a famous Pasteur experiment.
  • Pronunciation: Vacuole - 1-second clip of a voice saying "Vack-ew-ole."
  • Movie: Fermentation - short film describing the cellular fermentation process at a microscopic level.

Note: Requires a PC computer with sound card, speakers, and a printer, running Windows 95/NT or higher. Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (provided on the CD). We recommend at least a Pentium 100 processor with 16Mb of RAM.

NOTE: This product may be ineligible for some promotions and cannot be returned once opened.






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