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Cubelets Twenty Robotics Kit

Ages 4+
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This Cubelets Twenty Robotics Blocks Kit is a complete modular robot set for kids as young as four! Just snap these special pieces together and experiment with simple to complex robotic behavior. Read More

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Everyone can make and experiment with robots using Cubelets! Each of the twenty robotic blocks in this kit is basically a smart mini robot that can communicate with its neighbors. The Cubelets Twenty Robotics Blocks Kit comes with 20 pieces that can be snapped together with built-in magnets to make an endless variety of robots quickly and easily - no programming or wires needed.

It takes three or more color-coded Cubelets blocks to make a more complex robot. Attach a black "Sense" Cubelet to a gray or green "Think" Cubelet and add a clear "Action" Cubelet and viola, you have a working robot. Combine multiple Sense and Action blocks to make your robot more complex. But any time two or more Cubelets are connected you know that they're communicating with each other. It's so simple that a two-year old put a few Cubelets together and exclaimed with joy, "I made my very own robot!"

If you make a simple robot by connecting a Brightness Sense Cubelet to a Speaker Action Cubelet and add a Battery Think Cubelet, they'll start to talk, and when the light in the room gets brighter, the speaker will get louder. Next, you could swap the speaker for a Drive Action Cubelet, and when the light gets brighter, the robot will move faster. Think Cubelets can do things like invert the signal between the Brightness and Drive Cubelets so the robot moves slower as the light gets brighter. Other Think Cubelets choose a minimum or maximum input, block an input or pass through the input signals, providing great flexibility on different robot configurations. You can build robots that drive around on a tabletop, respond to light, objects, and temperature, and have surprisingly lifelike behavior. Instead of programming that behavior, you snap the Cubelets together and watch the behavior emerge like with a flock of birds or a swarm of bees.

Each Cubelet in the kit has different equipment on board and a different default behavior. There are Sense Cubelets that act like our eyes and ears: they can sense light, temperature, and how far they are from other objects. As with humans, the senses are the inputs to the system. There are also Action Cubelets that drive around, spin one of their faces, make noise, shine a light, or display their information through a light-up bar graph.

With this Cubelets Twenty Robotics Blocks Kit, you can enhance the functionality of your robots with the four included brick adapters that connect Cubelets to Lego and other building components! Add the Bluetooth Cubelet that allows you to control Cubelets using an app on your smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android).

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Cubelets are lead-free and assembled in Boulder, CO from components made all over the world.


Cubelets Twenty Kit

  • 2 black Distance Sense Cubelets 
  • 1 black Brightness Sense Cubelet 
  • 1 black Temperature Sense Cubelet 
  • 1 black Knob Sense Cubelet 
  • 2 red Inverse Think Cubelets 
  • 1 light brown Minimum Think Cubelet 
  • 1 dark brown Maximum Think Cubelet 
  • 1 gray Battery Think Cubelet with rechargeable batteries
  • 2 light green Passive Think Cubelets 
  • 2 dark green Blocker Think Cubelets 
  • 2 clear Drive Action Cubelets 
  • 1 clear Rotate Action Cubelet 
  • 1 clear Bargraph Action Cubelet 
  • 1 clear Light Action Cubelet 
  • 1 clear Speaker Action Cubelet 
  • 4 brick adapters to use with Lego and other building blocks
  • USB battery charger
  • Smart battery charger with wall and car plugs 
  • Cubelet configuration recipe cards included to get you started


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