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Explore Science: Animals

Grades K-2
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Discover the kingdom of Animals with four lessons, 10 hands-on science activities, and two bonus activities. Complete lessons in about an hour a week for a month of science. Read More

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Discover the wonderful kingdom of Animals with four lessons, 10 hands-on science activities, and two bonus activities.

Each lesson takes about an hour to complete. Use this unit during any season, but springtime study allows inclusion of an optional baby animals activity. 

Explore Science: Animals

  • Lesson 1: Animal Classification — Learn about the five groups in the Animal Kingdom: birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Then sort animals into these groups based on common characteristics.
    • Estimated Lesson Time: 60 min 
    • 3 Activities: Animals Have Class, Animal Classification Worksheet & Stack a Back
  • Lesson 2: Animal Homes — Learn about different animal homes, their names, and how some homes are built. Discover how an animal is perfectly suited to its habitat.
    • Estimated Lesson Time: 60 min
    • 2 Activities: A Nest for a Home & Animals and Their Habitats
  • Lesson 3: Animal Babies — Learn about baby animals and how they grow. Discover that some babies are born while others hatch from eggs. Learn names of baby animals and how they're different from their parents.
    • Estimated Lesson Time: 60 min
    • 3 Activities: Mother-Baby Match-Up, Life Cycle of a Frog, Animal Baby Names & Babies Up Close (Optional)
  • Lesson 4: Animal Tracks — Learn about different animal tracks, their parts, and different kinds of animal feet. Discover how tracks can teach us about animal feet and how animals move.
    • Estimated Lesson Time: 60 min
    • 2 Activities: Track Sorting, What Am I Tracking? & Casting Tracks (Optional)

What is Explore Science?

From Home Science Tools, Explore Science is a new topical curriculum for grades K-2.

Based on the 5E teaching model, lessons begin with hands-on activities. Standalone one-box kits provide a month of science at roughly one lesson per week.

What can I expect from each Explore Science unit?

  • 1-4 hands-on activities per lesson
  • 4-6 lessons per unit
  • 1 month of K-2 science instruction
  • Curriculum + activity supplies in one box
  • Step-by-step teaching guide with discussion Q&A

Where do I start?

We recommend using  Explore Science: An Intro to Scientific Skills first. It includes concepts, vocabulary, and materials needed for other units.

What are the 5Es?

  • Engage students.
  • Explore key concepts.
  • Explain new discoveries.
  • Extend student learning.
  • Evaluate new understanding. 

Note: This kit is intended for parent/teacher use to complete curriculum lab activities with students. It includes items that are not designed or intended primarily for children ages 12 and under.



Explore Science: Animals

  • 2 Pipe cleaners, 12” 
  • 1 Life Savers, gummy, pack
  • 1 Peat moss, package
  • 1 Spanish moss, 4-oz bag
  • 1 Water crystal beads, bag
  • 1 Tempera paint, bottle 
  • 2 White paper sheets
  • Explore Science: Animals text, 57 pages

This kit includes enough supplies for 2 students. 

You provide: glue sticks, cardboard & waxed paper, clear plastic tape, 
15 or so leaves, 10 small twigs, water, a mixing spoon, pencils, magazines with pictures of animals to cut out, kid scissors, measuring spoons & cups, a small bowl, paper plates, a work space & cover.

For optional activities, you'll also need: poster board, Plaster of Paris, a zip-lock sandwich bag, a clean empty food can & can opener, cooking oil, a tub of water, plastic spoon, camera, plastic bag, a large rubber band, Animal Homes worksheet, Critter Habitat, and a Grow-a-Frog Kit.

You will also need the following items, provided in the introductory Explore Science unit, An Introduction to Scientific Skills: science notebooks and colored pencils.

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