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Explore Science: Space

Grades K-2
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Discover the amazing vastness of Space with four lessons and 11 hands-on science activities. This unit provides one month of science learning for K-2 students. Includes curriculum and science activity supplies. Read More

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Discover the amazing vastness of Space with four lessons and 11 hands-on science activities.

Each lesson takes about 60 minutes to complete. Use this unit with students Ages 5-9 to study Earth Science.

Explore Science: Space

  • Lesson 1: The Sun and the Solar System — Learn about our sun's size compared to the earth, and discover our solar system.
    • Estimated Lesson Time: 60 min 
    • 2 Activities: A Sun Full of Cheer(ios), A Trip Around the Sun
  • Lesson 2: The Earth — Learn about the third planet from the Sun: our home. Learn about rotation and revolution. Discover earth's layers.
    • Estimated Lesson Time: 60 min
    • 3 Activities: Around We Are Going, The Four Layers of the Earth, The Layers of the Earth Worksheet
  • Lesson 3: The Moon — Explore the phases of the moon, and discover its revolution around the earth and rotation on its axis.
    • Estimated Lesson Time: 60 min
    • 3 Activities: It’s Just a Phase (using Phases of the Moon Worksheet), Face to Face, Optional activity: Hiding the Sun
  • Lesson 4: The Planets — What are planets made of? Find out. Discover the order of planets. Learn about the size of each planet.
    • Estimated Lesson Time: 70 min
    • 3 Activities: Order in the Solar System, Space Travel, Planet Particulars Worksheet

What is Explore Science?

From Home Science Tools, Explore Science is a new topical curriculum for grades K-2.

Based on the 5E teaching model, lessons begin with hands-on activities. Standalone one-box kits provide a month of science at roughly one lesson per week.

What can I expect from each Explore Science unit?

  • 1-4 hands-on activities per lesson
  • 4-6 lessons per unit
  • 1 month of K-2 science instruction
  • Curriculum + activity supplies in one box
  • Step-by-step teaching guide with discussion Q&A

Where do I start?

We recommend using  Explore Science: An Intro to Scientific Skills first. It includes concepts, vocabulary, and materials needed for other units.

What are the 5Es?

  • Engage students.
  • Explore key concepts.
  • Explain new discoveries.
  • Extend student learning.
  • Evaluate new understanding. 

Note: This kit is intended for parent/teacher use to complete curriculum lab activities with students. It includes items that are not designed or intended primarily for children ages 12 and under.




Explore Science: Space

  • Inflatable globe
  • String, 25 ft
  • Rubber ball
  • M&Ms
  • Steel ball, 1/2"
  • Explore Science: Space text, 52 pages

This kit includes enough supplies for a small group of students (2-10). You may also want a science notebook for each student.

You provide: Cheerios, pencils per student, colored pencils, large ball, sandwich cookies, chocolate syrup, flashlight, masking tape, cookie sheet, dry-erase markers and white board, and permanent marker. For the optional activities you will need a clean flat bed sheet and sidewalk chalk.


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