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Intro to Chemistry Kit

Ages 11+
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Your chemistry lab is set up... now what? This exciting beginner chemistry set has chemicals, step-by-step science project instructions, and other items to get started experimenting! Read More

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Once you have beakers, flasks, test tubes, and the other essential lab equipment, it's time to do the fun stuff! Get started with the 30 beginner chemistry experiments in this introductory chemistry set, written in easy-to-follow steps.

Perfect for anyone just starting out with simple chemistry (whether they're young kids or in high school), this science experiment kit offers a beginner but in-depth and hands-on chemistry experience that promotes lifelong curiosity. This science kit is designed as a companion for our Chemistry Equipment Set and contains chemicals, equipment, instructions, and explanations for chemistry experiments.

This beginner chemistry set will engage middle school kids in interesting and (truly) fun experiments with real chemicals and genuine lab safety gear. Lab supplies, like graduated cylinders, test tubes, and alcohol lamp are not included; rather, this is an experiment kit (with chemicals and instructions) meant to be used with your existing labware.

What do you get?

This bestselling, top-rated chemistry set provides:

  • 6 lab-grade chemicals
  • 3 household chemicals
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 16-page full-color manual filled with experiments
  • 27 step-by-step experiments
  • 3 bonus experiments
  • 10 chemistry topics to explore  

What experiments can you do?

Check out our sample lab manual and the following experiments, which is only a glimpse at what's possible with this kit:

  • Cloud in a Beaker, a demonstration of states of matter
  • Color-change Chemistry, an introduction to acids and bases
  • Super Cool Slime, an example of polymers
  • Sample lab manual

Intended for grade 6 & up, this beginner chemistry set requires adult supervision. Younger children can join in the fun by watching a parent complete the activities and explain the results. You provide common household items, like sugar, salt, and dish soap.

What chemistry principles are covered?

Learn foundational topics: states of matter; solubility & solvents; physical properties; acids & bases; polymerization; precipitation; physical & chemical reactions, and electrochemistry. Explore density, solubility, chromatography, endothermic and exothermic reactions, and more. It's a complete introduction to chemistry!

What else do you need?

To perform every experiment as written in the Intro to Chemistry manual, you’ll need the following chemistry labware (sold in one pack in our Chemistry Equipment Set). Some substitutions may be possible.

  • 250 ml & 600 ml glass beaker
  • 100 ml graduated cylinder
  • Glass stir rod
  • 250 ml flask
  • 4 test tubes
  • Dropper (pipet)
  • Plastic funnel
  • Test tube rack & clamp
  • Alcohol lamp, stand & denatured alcohol
  • pH test strips
  • Thermometer

WarningWARNING: This product can expose you to Respirable crystalline silica (sand dust), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.


More Information


Intro to Chemistry Kit contents:

  • 16-page, full-color, step-by-step experiment manual
  • Phenolphthalein solution, 30 ml
  • Sodium carbonate, 30 g
  • Sodium tetraborate, 30 g
  • Potassium bitartrate, 30 g
  • Calcium hydroxide, 30 g, lime
  • Copper II (cupric) sulfate, 30 g
  • Yeast, packet (2)
  • Alka-Seltzer tablets packet, (2)
  • Lab apron No. 2, heavy vinyl
  • Safety gloves, size 8 - 8.5 med.
  • Safety goggles, splash, full-size
  • Food coloring, 4 colors
  • Candle, tea light
  • Filter paper, 11 cm diameter, 10/pack
  • Sand, coarse, 1 lb
  • Copper, metal electrode, 4"
  • D battery
  • Battery holder
  • Alligator clips
  • Spatula, stainless steel
  • Rubber stopper, #6.5, solid
  • Plastic bottle, 250 ml
  • Balloon, med., (2)
  • Flexi-straw
  • Petri dishes, plastic, 2/pack


Shipping Restriction: This item only ships Economy or UPS to a street address in the 50 US states.
Warning: HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL - This kit contains hazardous chemicals. Not for children under the age of 15. For use under adult supervision. Read warning labels carefully.
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