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Introduction to Biology Kit

Ages 11+
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Bring the world of biology into focus with our Introduction to Biology kit through a variety of hands-on experiments, over 35 science supplies, and a detailed manual. Study bacterial growth, blood flow, DNA and so much more! Read More

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From vast mountain forests to the tiniest cells in a petri dish, the study of biology is wonderful and amazing!

Explore the amazing world of biology with the Introduction to Biology kit from Home Science Tools. This kit will take you on a journey through biology - the study of life - where you'll learn about microorganisms, cells, DNA, genetics, animals, plants, and more.

The kit includes 15 unique hands-on experiments, 35+ science supplies and a 50 page full-color manual. The primary topics covered in this kit include:

  • Cell Biology/Structure & Function
  • DNA & Genetics
  • Diversity in Nature
  • Anatomy
  • Photosynthesis

Your student will experience biology topics including:

  • Growing bacteria, mold, yeast and protists
  • Practicing microbial culturing and microscopy techniques (microscope not included)
  • Dissecting and examining a sheep heart to understand how the heart regulates blood flow
  • Diving into genetics of blood types, disease and DNA

They will also answer questions such as:

  • What defines life?
  • Why does bread rise when you add yeast?
  • Where can I find bacteria and mold?
  • How does the heart work?
  • What are the kingdoms of life?

We highly recommend an LED Microscope for kids ages 12+. Experiments in this kit can be done without a microscope but for the best experience, we recommend our Home LED Microscope or our Home 1000X LED Microscope

Interested in learning more? Check out our Introduction to Biology Sample!




This kit contains the following items: 

● Assorted Gummy Bears
● 7 Clear Plastic Cups
● 2 Sheets Drawing Paper
● Isopropyl Alcohol, 30 mL
● Dish Detergent, 10 mL
● 6” Bamboo Skewer
● Test Tube Rack
● 2 Large Test Tubes
● 1 Size 0 Stopper
● 12 White Chenille Stems
● Beads - Red, Blue, Green & Yellow
● 24 Plastic Chips
● Blood Type Testing Kit
● Prepared Nutrient Agar, 125 mL
● Permanent Marker
● 6 Petri Dishes
● 4 Zip Lock Bags
● 1 mL Pipet
● Sheep Heart Dissection Kit
● 8 Sterile Swabs (4 packs of 2)
● Vinyl Apron
● 1 ft Parafilm
● 4 pair Nitrile Gloves
● 10 pack of Filter Paper
● Safety Glasses, Adult Size
● Dry Protist Culture
● 12 Microscope Slides
● Yeast Packet
● 5 Medium Balloons
● Funnel
● UV Flashlight
● Plastic Stir Rod
● 10 mL graduated cylinder

You provide the following:

● Salt
● Sugar
● Tap Water
● Spring Water
● 4 Slices of Bread
● Spinach leaves
● Scissors
● Ruler
● 3x AAA Batteries
●Measuring spoons (1/4 tsp to 1 tbsp)
● Tape
● Microwave
● Stovetop (to boil water)
● 400x - 1000x Microscope(recommended but required only for Activity 10)





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