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    Really cool, but takes 10-14 days to grow
  • Nancy
  • 02/24/2016
  • I teach a homeschool biology class. We end up doing microbes in the winter, so I can't just raid the local pond for protozoa (it's frozen, I tried before). This dry culture grew lots of lively protozoa, but it took 10-14 days before I had enough to see them consistently on the slide. Plan ahead, and enjoy!
    Culture kit Great Product & value !
  • Richard Buttler
  • 12/03/2015
  • 1953 was the last time I looked through a microscope. Decided to get back into this wonderful hobby for the winter. The culture kit was exactly what I needed to get started. It has been producing all kinds of Protozoa, with Vorticella being predominant. Watched as others divided into two in just a matter of minutes. HST has quality & their prices are not excessive. Received this and other items in just a few days and in good condition.
  • Chrissy
  • 11/13/2015
  • This was an easy way to view a variety of protozoa without having to gather our own samples. We observed the culture over many days and found a variety of life. We really wanted to see amoebas, but found only one. Be sure to take samples from different levels of the water, as the directions suggest. Some of the protozoans swim very fast. Using a digital microscope camera, we were able to get some videos of the protozoans, but it was harder to get photos because they were fast. I wish I would have bought the methyl cellulose to slow the protists down!

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    Protozoa Culture Kit

    Ages 8+

    Item# LM-PROTIST

    $6.75 in_stock

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    Product Overview
    Start your own living culture of mixed protozoans and algae in 3 days.

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      Protozoa Culture Kit

      Discover the world of micro-organisms with this unique protozoa culture kit! Just add water to this special dry protozoan culture and in 24 hours you'll have your own living culture of mixed protists and algae to study.

      The culture will change each day as different protist species become more prevalent. Allow 3 days for the culture to fully mature, but study it each day. Not only will the protists you find vary from day to day but you'll also find different protozoans at the top or side of the culture than at the bottom of the culture. You can spend hours sampling this culture each day as you hunt for, identify, and study the habits of different protists.

      This complete kit includes the dry protist culture, a cup to use as a hatching container, food, identification key, and instructions. (We recommend plain microscope slides and coverslips to observe these organisms with your 400X microscope.)

      Ideas for Science Fair Experiments:

      • What are the effects of light and temperature on protists?
      • What are the effects of household chemicals or cleaners on protists? Do different species (such as amoeba and euglena) react differently?
      • Do different kinds of protists grow in different environments? Compare those in this culture kit with those grown from pond water or grass clippings.

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