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    Pyrex Beakers, all sizes

    Item# WO-BEAKPYR

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    Product Overview
    Pyrex brand beakers are the science industry standard worldwide.

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    • Product Details

      Pyrex Beakers, all sizes

      Pyrex® beakers are the science industry standard worldwide. Choose the right size for your lab needs, ranging from 50 ml to 2000 ml.

      Made of high-quality borosilicate glass that can be heated directly in an open flame and withstand thermal shock, Pyrex® beakers are primarily used for mixing and heating. Graduations are approximate and not intended for accurate liquid measurement.

      Pyrex® beakers details:

    • Pyrex low form Griffin beakers (or Pyrex) are made from high quality borosilicate glass that meets ASTM E960 specifications
    • Low coefficient of thermal expansion means this glass withstands typical laboratory temperature variations
    • Markings are accurate to +/-5%
    • Beaker Capacity Diameter Height Marked to Fill Marked to Empty
      50 ml beaker 4 cm 5.5 cm 10-40 ml x 10 ml None
      100 ml beaker 5 cm 7.2 cm 20-80 ml x 10 ml None
      150 ml beaker 6 cm 8.5 cm 20-140 ml x 10 ml None
      250 ml beaker 7 cm 9 cm 25-200 ml x 25 ml 0-150 ml x 25 ml
      400 ml beaker 8 cm 11 cm 50-325 ml x 25 ml 0-250 ml x 25 ml
      600 ml beaker 9 cm 12.5 cm 100-500 ml x 50 ml 0-450 ml x 50 ml
      1000 ml beaker 11 cm 15.5 cm 100-1000 ml x 50 ml 0-900 ml x 50 ml
      2000 ml beaker 13.1 cm 19.3 cm 200-2000 ml x 100 ml 0-1600ml x 50ml

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