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    hassle free savings with HSTHassle-Free Savings

    Join the free, money-saving HST Rewards Program today. Easily earn HST Reward Points when purchasing products and/or writing product reviews at www.homesciencetools.com. HST Reward Points CAN be used with other promotions, making this the best deal for science supplies!


    earn points on purchasesEarn HST Reward Points on Purchases1

    Get 5% back on every dollar you spend at www.homesciencetools.com in the form of HST Reward Points. Twenty HST Reward Points equal $1 in credit to spend on your next order.


    reward points example

    You must have an HST account to earn points.

    Start earning points: Log in | Create an account
    When your order ships, HST Reward Points are deposited into your account. To check your balance, click on the Reward Points tab in your account. If you already have an account, then you’re automatically enrolled in the HST Rewards Program.

    earn points on product reviewsEarn HST Reward Points for Product Reviews2

    Write an informative online review for a product you’ve purchased. Once your review is approved—typically within seven business days—we’ll deposit 20 HST Reward Points into your account worth $1 in store credit. All reviewers are also entered into a monthly, random drawing to win a $100 HST gift card!

    Start earning points: Log in | Create an account 
    You must be logged into your account before submitting a product review. If you placed an order without an account since 1/1/15 and would like to earn points for writing a product review, please call customer service for assistance: 800-860-6272.

    Tips for writing an informative product review:

    • What do you like or dislike about the product?
    • Do you feel that it is a good value for the price?
    • Would you recommend the product to a family member or friend?
    • Would you buy other products made by the same company based on your experience with this item?
    • If the product is being used by someone else, do they use it and like it?
    • What would you want to know about this product if you were considering buying it?
    • Did your order arrive in good condition?
    • If applicable, were you satisfied with HST Customer Service?


    1Product Purchase Details:

    • Each dollar spent earns one HST Reward Point; 20 Points equal $1 in store credit.
    • Only purchases made while logged in to your account earn HST Reward Points.
    • HST Reward Points become available to use after the order ships.
    • HST Reward Points are not awarded for shipping or tax costs.
    • Some purchases may not qualify for HST Rewards Points.
    • HST Reward Points expire two years after they're awarded.
    • Credit accounts are not eligible for the HST Rewards Program.

     2Product Review Details:

    HST will determine if the review qualifies for HST Reward Points, typically within seven business days. The criteria are:

    • The product was purchased from HST and priced at $5 or more.
    • The review is written in a personal and informative manner.
    • The review is helpful to other HST customers who are considering purchasing the product.

    HST Reward Points are awarded for up to five product reviews per month by the same reviewer. HST will determine if the product review qualifies to receive Reward Points; upon approval, 20 HST Reward Points ($1 store credit) will be deposited into your account. While there is no minimum length, please note that one- or two-word reviews will most likely not qualify for HST Reward Points. HST reserves the right to award, deny or modify HST Reward Points at our sole discretion. All submitted reviews become the property of Home Science Tools, and we may publish any submitted review regardless of whether HST Rewards Points are awarded.

     The HST Rewards Program is valid for US and Canada customers ages 18 and up and is void where prohibited by law. Home Science Tools reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time. HST Reward Points are non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. Abusing the program may result in suspended or canceled orders and forfeited HST Reward Points. Contact customer support with questions or comments at service@homesciencetools.com or (800) 860-6272.


    HST Rewards Program FAQs:

    Q. Do I earn HST Reward Points on items purchased using a discount promo code?

    A. Yes!


    Q. Can I use my HST Reward Points to pay for purchases when I’m also using a discount promo code?

    A. Yes!


    Q. Do I keep the HST Reward Points earned from a purchase that I ultimately returned?

    A. No. The HST Rewards Points earned on the item will be deleted from your account upon that item’s return.


    Q. I used my HST Reward Points on my last order, then I canceled/returned it. Will I get my points back?

    A. Unfortunately, we don't reissue HST Rewards Points once they have been redeemed, even if you cancel your order or return items.


    Q. Can I combine my HST Reward Points with those of my family or friends?

    A. No. HST Reward Points from multiple accounts cannot be combined.


    Q. Why wasn't I awarded HST Reward Points for the product review I submitted?

    A. HST Reward Points are awarded for product reviews meeting the criteria above.


    Q. How soon can I use my reward points?

    A. HST Reward Points are available for immediate use once they are deposited into your account.

    Q. When are HST Reward Points deposited into my account from a product review?

     A. Once your product review is approved and published.

    Q. When are HST Reward Points deposited into my account from a transaction?

    A. Once your order ships.



     How to redeem reward points:

     1.  Shopping Cart screen. As you shop, click the Add to Cart button. When you view your cart, you’ll be reminded to sign in to your account to access any Reward Points you have, and to earn Reward Points on your current order.

    RP checkout process1

    2. Shopping Cart screen. When you are signed in, you’ll see how many Reward Points you will earn on the current order on the Shopping Cart page. Note: you cannot use points earned on this order to pay for this order. You can use points you’ve accumulated from previous orders to pay for this order. Click Proceed to Checkout. 

    RP Checkout process2


    3. Shipping Info screen. You’ll enter a shipping address, choose a shipping method, and click Proceed to Payment.

    RP checkout process3

     4.  Payment screen. To use your Reward Points to pay for all or part of your current order, click the small box next to “Use my reward points”.

    RP checkout process4


    5.  Order Summary screen. The available Reward Points are applied to the order total.

    RP checkout process5
     Want to check your Reward Points balance before you start shopping?

    1.  My Account screen. Click “My Account” on the Home Science Tools homepage. Click “Reward Points” on your Account Dashboard.

    RP checkout process6

    2.  My Account, Reward Points screen. You’ll see your current Reward Points balance and your online orders that earned those points.

    RP checkout process7

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