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    Good Bacteria for Simple Labs
  • Anonymous
  • 02/20/2008
  • The culture arrived on a Thursday, and we stored in within the original box inside the house until Monday when we did the lab. On agar Petri dishes it grew very well when placed in a window receiving direct sunlight. Grew more slowly under room lighting, and hardly at all in the dark. The bacillus subtilis also grew very well in a Petri dish under room lighting.
    The culture arrived alive and grew well
  • Anonymous
  • 02/04/2008
  • The slant culture arrived intact, on time, and served our high school microbiology lab well. The slant culture was kept for several days in our garage (where the temperature ranged probably from around 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit) before we streaked the bacteria on agar plates. The bacteria grew acceptably well even though it wasn't plated immediately after arrival.

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    Rhodospirillum Rubrum Bacteria - Live Culture

    Ages 13+

    Item# LD-RHORUB

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    Product Overview
    This is a high-purity live bacteria, allowing you to experiment with a single culture under various environmental conditions.
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      Rhodospirillum Rubrum Bacteria - Live Culture

      This is a high-purity live bacteria, allowing you to experiment with a single culture under various environmental conditions. This bacteria is Gram- and spiral shaped. Rhodospirillum rubrum is photosynthetic and grows anaerobically in sunlight and aerobically in the dark.

      Each culture comes in a test tube on agar media. These slant cultures are made with 5ml of agar that is rotated diagonally to provide the maximum surface area for the bacteria culture growth. The culture can be transferred with an inoculating needle. Each culture provides sufficient bacteria to streak 10-15 petri dishes, enough for a classroom of 30 students.

      Live cultures can be difficult to sustain. The culture will come with care instructions, but plan to use it within 1-2 days of arrival for best results. This item cannot be returned.

      Shipping Note: This item ships only to a street address in the contiguous 48 US states with Economy or Ground Service shipping. Specify a delivery date Wednesday through Friday, at least seven days after your order date. An additional $13 shipping charge applies to each delivery date.

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