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    Science for Grades 3-5

    girl outside reading bookMake elementary science a great experience for your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade children!

    Find popular science books, hands-on kits, and other supplies that you need to make elementary science memorable and enjoyable. Let them dissect a cow eye or an owl pellet, build physics models with K'Nex, or do projects to learn about electricity and magnetism.

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    • Xenopus Tadpoles, live
      $42.95 in_stock
      Observe frog metamorphosis up close with Xenopus tadpoles, which have ... more
    • Science Wiz Sound Kit
      MSRP $29.95
      $27.95 You save 7% in_stock
      Your child can build a working Edison-style phonograph with this excit ... more
    • Cubelets Twelve Kit
      $299.95 in_stock
      This kit has a great mix of "Think", "Sense", and "Action" cubelets, p ... more
    • 4D Human Anatomy Ear Model
      $22.95 in_stock
      Engage the senses with this highly-detailed, interactive ear model wit ... more
    • The Nature Connection
      $15.95 in_stock
      The Nature Connection is an easy, fun outdoor workbook for kids to use ... more
    • Honey Bee Life Cycle Set
      $49.95 in_stock
      Real, preserved specimens in resin teach kids about the honey bee life ... more
    • Pocket microscope, 120X. LED
      $16.95 in_stock
      An inexpensive pocket microscope that can be carried along anywhere!
    • Magnet Essentials Equipment Kit
      MSRP $32.95
      $29.95 You save 9% in_stock
      This magnet essentials kit contains a variety of magnets and other ite ... more
    • Thames & Kosmos Geckobot Wall Climbing Robot
      MSRP $49.95
      $44.90 You save 10% in_stock

      Build 7 different robots with a motorized air suction device and hi ... more

    • Make Your Own Slime Kit
      $19.95 in_stock
      An incredibly fun way to explore the chemical reactions and polymers t ... more
    • Thames & Kosmos Glow Stick Lab
      $17.95 in_stock
      Create your own cool glow sticks that can be reused many times, while ... more
    • T4 Transforming Solar Robot
      $19.95 in_stock
      Kids learn about solar energy while building the T4 Transforming Solar ... more

    Grid List

    Items 1-32 of 71

    per page
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    2. 2
    3. 3