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Science Kits for Kids

Science kits for kids & adults for learning at home or school.

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Science kits offer a one-stop box ready for experimenting. Find a few activities and science projects to try with or without a complete kit. Test food for vitamin C, dust for fingerprints, or smash Thinking Putty.

Science kits for kids make teaching and learning science easy! Get everything you need to explore your favorite science topic in one complete experiment kit.

Shop the best science kits - sorted by age, price, and more! Find excellent, hands-on science experiment kits for elementary, junior high, and high school students. Choose a kit based on your interest: slime kits explore polymer chemistry; Thames & Kosmos kits make great gifts; 4M kits cover many topics and all cost about $20 or less. There are so many neat options to choose from!

Hands-on science is the most rewarding and relevant way to engage kids with the STEM fields. Filled with science supplies, helpful instructions, and more, science kits make it easier than ever to get started with hands-on science.