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    General Science Kits

    Who knew science could be so fun?

    Find engaging general science books and kits, including a science dictionary and encyclopedia, and activity and experiment guides that are great for doing with your kids. Learn about science in the kitchen, explore forensic science, make your own chocolate, or experiment with perfume and spa science. These products make great gifts and are perfect for involving the whole family!

    For more great activities, check out our General Science Projects.

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    1. $49.95 in_stock
      Order this set and get all the basic equipment needed for chemistry projects. Beakers, test tubes & more! more

    2. Electricity Essentials Equipment Kit
      $35.95 in_stock
      This electricity essentials set contains the foundational equipment to create your own fun electronics science experiments. more

    3. Happy Atoms Introductory Set
      MSRP $59.95
      $53.90 You save 10% in_stock
      Kids build the building blocks of the universe with Happy Atoms! This 3D molecular modeling set is a chemistry adventure. 508 molecules. more

    4. Happy Atoms Complete Set
      MSRP $159.95
      $143.90 You save 10% in_stock
      If you're happy and you know it, build a molecule! This molecular modeling set takes students on a chemistry adventure. 17,500 molecules. more

    5. $113.95 in_stock
      Get professional rock polishing results with this high-quality Lortone tumbler and deluxe rock tumbling kit. more

    6. $13.95 in_stock
      Mix up your own delicious chocolates from scratch-and in the process, discover the science behind it. more

    7. $59.95 in_stock
      Kids explore forensic science with a Crime Scene Science Kit. Do seven CSI projects & solve the case of the disappearing diamonds. more

    8. $5.95 in_stock
      You've seen the MENTOS® geyser eruption online. Now experience the soda geyser in your own backyard with the Geyser Tube from Steve Spangler and Be Amazing Toys. more

    9. $2.50 As low as: $2.25 in_stock
      Water crystal beads (also called water gel marbles) are the new rage to hit both the home decorating and educational science markets. more

    10. MSRP $36.95
      $33.20 You save 10% in_stock

      Explore Candy Chemistry with this kitchen science kit from Thames & Kosmos.


    11. $34.95 in_stock
      The Smithsonian Mega Science Lab provides a general science inquiry with six fun projects in one box! more

    12. MSRP $99.95
      $89.90 You save 10% in_stock
      Introduce your kids to the most important phenomena in chemistry, biology, and physics and explore how these three core sciences interrelate with this exciting National Geographic kit. more

    13. $17.95 in_stock
      You just need water, sunshine, and a little imagination for hours of fun making photographic-type prints with this Sunprint Kit. more

    14. $27.95 in_stock
      Have fun and get delicious results making cheese at home. more

    15. MSRP $149.99
      $142.95 You save 5% in_stock
      This advanced wind turbine kit takes STEM studies to the next level by promoting energy experimentation. more

    16. $23.95 in_stock
      Explore the elements of the periodic table with this Chemistry Plus kit from award-winning ScienceWiz. more

    17. $14.95 in_stock
      This Thinking Putty has incredible magnetic properties. more

    18. MSRP $99.95
      $89.90 You save 10% in_stock
      With this deluxe kit, kids will spend hours exploring some of the most fascinating aspects of physical science: how water and air can power machines, allow objects to fly, and much more. more

    19. MSRP $64.95
      $58.40 You save 10% in_stock
      Explore the chemistry of perfume while making your own unique scents with the 20 experiments in this this deluxe "Sophisticated Science" kit. more

    20. $13.95 in_stock
      Use the Dynamo Torch to build a hand-powered, emergency flashlight that doesn't need batteries. more

    21. $28.95 in_stock
      This Primary Science Lab Set from Learning Resources lets even the littlest scientists begin experimenting. more

    22. $22.95 in_stock
      Create your own handmade paper and unique stationery with this kit. more

    23. MSRP $39.95
      $35.90 You save 10% in_stock
      Why don't oil and water mix? How does a magnifying glass work? Kids will discover the answers to these questions and more with this hands-on kit. more

    24. $18.95 in_stock
      Learn about the science of soaps and body scrubs - and have fun while doing it. more

    25. $82.95 in_stock
      Make a battery out of mud! While forming hypothesis and testing them, learn about microbiology, engineering, energy and sustainability. Three batteries allow your student to experiment with different ingredients and compare them with a control. more

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    Items 1-25 of 27

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