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    Physics Kits

    Learn science the fun way!

    Explore magnetism, light & optics, energy, force & motion, rocketry, simple machines, kitchen experiments, and other science topics with the activities in these hands-on kits. You can grow crystals, solve a mystery with a Crime Scene Science Kit, make cheese, build model bridges or a maglev train model, and more! These kits are sure to spark kids' interest.

    For related activities, check out our general science projects.

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    1. MSRP $54.95
      $49.40 You save 10% in_stock
      This exciting Physics Workshop kit comes with all the parts to build 36 physics models and do 73 experiments with gravity, forces, simple machines, friction, gears, pendulums, energy, and power. more

    2. $69.95 in_stock
      Our own physics kit with a study guide for learning about principles of gravity, force, pendulums, levers, balance, inclined planes, and pulleys. more

    3. MSRP $99.95
      $89.90 You save 10% in_stock
      With this deluxe kit, kids will spend hours exploring some of the most fascinating aspects of physical science: how water and air can power machines, allow objects to fly, and much more. more

    4. $59.95 in_stock
      Make teaching about electricity & magnetism easy with this complete study in static electricity, current electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetism. more

    5. $18.50 As low as: $16.65 in_stock
      This solar race car experiment kit is a great STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) hands-on learning experience. more

    6. $24.95 in_stock
      Perform 32 amazing magnetic experiments with the two powerful bar magnets and 24 British pennies in this kit. more

    7. MSRP $34.95
      $29.95 You save 14% in_stock
      The unique snap-together pieces in this electronics kit make it an exciting learning tool that is hard to put down. more

    8. $29.95 As low as: $26.96 in_stock
      Learn about parallel and series circuits, motors, electromagnets, and solar power with this introductory kit. more

    9. MSRP $84.95
      $76.40 You save 10% in_stock
      Build 10 different remote-controlled models. more

    10. $39.95 in_stock
      Make a working internal combustion engine with this educational science kit. more

    11. $27.95 in_stock
      Explore the forward-thinking world of alternative energy while building a model car that requires no batteries or motor! more

    12. $42.50 in_stock
      Discover how eight simple machines work as you construct a balance, wheelbarrow, scissors, a block and tackle, and more. more

    13. $49.95 in_stock
      Build unbelievable ball track structures with this simple stacking plank system from Mindware®. more

    14. MSRP $209.00
      $201.95 You save 3% in_stock
      Build five- to six-foot-long bridge models with this deluxe construction kit. more

    15. MSRP $66.95
      $56.95 You save 15% in_stock
      This deluxe Snap Circuits kit has over 60 snap-together components that kids can use to build more than 300 electronic devices, including a motion detector, tone generator, oscillator, radio, and more. more

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    Items 1-15 of 64

    per page
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