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Bristlebot Robotics Classroom Kit
Bristlebot Robotics Kit
Veggie Power Battery Kit
Candy Chromatography Kit
Build a Gauss Rifle Kit
Ping Pong Catapult Kit
Electric Play Dough Kit
Basic Circuits Kit
Crime Scene Chemistry Kit
Ping Pong Catapult Classroom Kit
Layout of the Science Buddies Night-Light kit including the circuit board, assorted lights, and batteries.

Science Buddies Project Kits

Science Buddies has teamed up with Home Science Tools to bring you quality science kits that are designed to work with Science Buddies project instructions. When you purchase a Science Buddies kit, you’ll get:

  1. Experiments that work – every project is tested by Science Buddies scientists, so you know it works!
  2. Science Buddies easy-to-follow instructions, so kids know what they need to do at each step.
  3. Quality supplies from Home Science Tools, hand-picked to deliver the best results—so you know you have the right materials.

Explore this collection of fun, educational projects that kids, parents, and teachers will all enjoy!