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    Fantastic Book
  • Christine
  • 11/14/2016
  • I got this book to use as an intro text for biology for our little homeschool science co-op. It's been great, a lovely history of microscopes / optics in science, followed by easy to follow, step by step pages on investigating and experimenting with the basics. Kids love that it's easy to read with lots of colourful pictures.
    Wonderful for my 10yo child
  • Sandy
  • 09/20/2015
  • I gave this to my 10yo as part of a 'first day back to school' present this year and he loves it. The book gives basic background for the microscope - history, different kinds, how it works - and then goes on to show how to prepare various slides. We have really only gotten into the first couple instruction pages for slides - onion skin and human skin cells - but he really has enjoyed it. For each type of slide there is some additional information on things to look for and compare. This seems like just the right balance of information and instruction for this age. I would recommend it as a great starter book along with a basic microscope and microscope kit (with slides, covers, and dyes).
    Excellent Beginners Book
  • Deborah
  • 06/03/2012
  • Excellent book for beginers. Lots of fun and simple experiements. Very informative way to learn about the different kinds of microscopes as well as their different parts. We use this with our 8yr old. It inspired her to want to use her microscope even more.

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    The World of the Microscope

    Ages 9+

    Item# BK-MICROS1

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    Product Overview
    Learn about and start using your microscope with this popular book.

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      The World of the Microscope

      Learn about and start using your microscope with this popular book! Full of information, step-by-step instructions and color diagrams for making your own slides from specimens around the home. Explains specimen sections & staining and also magnification, lighting, and microscope history. Usborne. 48 pp.

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