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    A really nice product
  • Josee
  • 09/27/2014
  • I'm so happy about my purchase. I have receive it this week and try it right away. It seem to me that it is a well build machine and it does what it should do very well. I'm even planning a special event during Halloween that I will call "scary to make your hair stand... Literaly..." Or something like that. A lot of fun in perspective.
    Now that's science!
  • Crystal
  • 06/10/2013
  • This just takes science to a whole new level. Whenever people ask about homeschooling not being up to "par" with public school, the kids bring this out and they are blown away. The kids definitely take science more seriously. It does raise your hair, although, of course, not as dramatically as something from Science World, but if your hair is really dry, it does a good job of it. Just make sure your are touching the sphere first before you turn it on, as to try touch it after it is already going can give some pretty good shocks. ( Although my DH and all his friends do this purposefully to show their manliness :0 ) Because it is a little out of most peoples budgets, we got one to add to our homeschool lending library.

    reward points

    Van de Graaff Generator

    Ages 12+

    Item# EL-VANDEGR

    $209.95 in_stock

    In Stock

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    Product Overview
    Generate up to 200,000 volts of low-amperage electricity to safely experiment with electric fields and electric forces.

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    • Product Details

      Van de Graaff Generator

      Generate up to 200,000 volts of low-amperage electricity to safely experiment with electric fields and electric forces! This deluxe table-top Van de Graaff generator will consistently produce 5-6" sparks (12" sparks are possible!) and can raise your hair almost instantly! It comes fully assembled and includes a grounded discharge wand to begin experimenting immediately.

      The detailed operating manual explains electric fields, how the Van de Graaff generator works, how to use and maintain it for maximum performance, and several experiments, including the classic hair-raising experiment and producing spectacular St. Elmo's fire.

      Because the current produced by this Van de Graaff generator is so low, it's safe to play with the hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity it generates! This makes a fun and very memorable scientific demonstration of the difference between voltage and current.

      Robert J. Van de Graaff, a professor at MIT, invented this generator in the 1930s. A belt inside it generates static electricity, which spreads to the metal dome on top.

      More Information

      • Detailed Van de Graaff Generator operating manual explains theory of operation, care, use, maintenance, and experiments
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