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    A Revolutionary K-2 Curriculum

    We’re proud to introduce our own curriculum for K-2 students: Explore Science. Designed to give kids a solid foundation in science from an early age and driven by hands-on experimenting, this curriculum is one-of-a-kind. The individual units focus on one topic and provide lessons that revolve around engaging hands-on activities. Each unit includes step-by-step parent-led curriculum plus lab supplies. You can easily adjust this flexible curriculum to fit your schedule and your children’s needs, and it’s ideal for teaching kids of different ages at the same time! The text is easy to follow and leads parents through each lesson, providing discussion questions and answers, trivia, and vocabulary along the way. Explore Science is designed to help you teach your children science confidently even if you have zero experience!

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    Who Is Explore Science For?

    Explore Science is designed for homeschools, Charter schools, science camps, or co-ops looking for a thorough, hands-on introduction to science. The focused units and simple layout make teaching science easy for parents and fun for kids to learn! The lessons are easy to adapt for older or more advanced students, younger or special needs students, and groups, with tips along the way included in the curriculum. The curriculum is extremely flexible – you can work through one unit a month (doing one lesson per week) or choose only a few to do throughout the year, depending on what works for your family. Kids love the fascinating hands-on activities and natural exploration that flows from discovering how something works. Parents love the flexibility, convenience, and quality. Discover a new way to do science at home today!

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    Each Topical Unit Includes a Lab Kit!

    explore science science unit


    With 4 lessons & 9 activities, discover what science is and learn scientific skills.

    explore science seasons unit


    Learn about the four seasons and why seasons change with 4 lessons & 13 activities.

    explore science plants unit


    Explore photosynthesis, plant parts, and more with 4 lessons & 11 hands-on activities.

    explore science matter unit


    Coming SoonDiscover the states of matter and how they behave with 4 lessons & 10 activities.

    explore science machines unit


    Coming SoonExplore forces, work, and simple machines with 4 lessons & 6 activities.

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    Explore Science Resources

    using explore science thumbnailUsing Explore Science Curriculum

    Even first-time homeschoolers can confidently give their students a solid science foundation in about one hour per week using Explore Science.

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