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    • Microscope Slide Stains

      You will find stains needed to prepare microscope slides in the Chemicals section. Common stains and their uses are as follows:

      • Iodine: Stains carbohydrates in plant and animal specimens brown or blue-black. Stains glycogen red.
      • Methylene blue: Stains acidic cell parts (like nucleus) blue. Use on animal, bacteria and blood specimens. Can be used as a substitute for Janis B Green.
      • Eosin Y: Stains alkaline cell parts (like cytoplasm) pink. Use on plants, animals and blood. Can be used as a substitute for Congo Red and Carmine.
      • Toluidene blue: Stains acidic cell parts (like nucleus) dark blue. Good to show mitosis in plant cells.
      • Wright's stain: Stains red blood cells pink/red.
      • Crystal Violet: Stains bacteria purple.
      • Aceto-orcein: Biological stain for chromosomes and connective tissue.
      • Sudan III: Biological stain used as a lipid indicator.

      More Information:

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    By: shirley
    Date: Aug 12, 2015

    What is the order of the 3 stains for redblood cells to view under microscope?