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Homeschool science curriculum & kits for home, co-op, or school.

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For many parents, teaching science is a homeschool milestone. Whether you're a newbie or about to close your lab as your student heads off to college, we can help. Find useful tips on teaching science, selecting curriculum, and everything in between.

A good homeschool science curriculum is one of the best tools a parent can have! Sometimes, teaching science in the home can be intimidating. But it doesn't have to be. Whether your children love learning chemistry or are terrified of biology, or whether they prefer lots of interaction or love independent study, you can find a solution that is doable for your family.

For elementary grades, Real Science-4-Kids & R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey are both great choices. They introduce key science concepts and include hands-on labs that use mostly household items. They are also designed for easily teaching multiple ages together.

For junior high and high school science, many parents enjoy Apologia. Designed as a hands-on science curriculum for homeschool, it’s rigorous enough for college prep. But it's also intended for students who don’t have a full classroom of lab supplies— or have a parent who prefers literature to chemistry.

See our Choosing a Homeschool Science Curriculum guide to learn more.

What was once an intimidating and time-consuming task is now easy with these unique curriculum homeschool kits from Home Science Tools! Just select the science kit that corresponds to the homeschool curriculum and grade you're using.