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Insect Collecting Supplies

Entomologist supplies: insect collecting & mounting for kids & pros.

Studying insects is many kids’ first foray into science education, specifically biology, and it's easy to see why! What they lack in size, bugs make up for in intriguing characteristics. Centipedes have dozens of feet. Ants can carry many times their own weight. Caterpillars turn into butterflies, and fireflies light up. Your student may want to collect insects to study their features up close!

We want to help you encourage young learners’ natural curiosity about bugs. Entomology, or the science of studying insects, is a branch of zoology. Here, you can shop for entomology supplies: insect collection, identification, and display tools. How about some tweezers (forceps) or an insect and butterfly spreading board? Spark their curiosity even further with and insect mounting supplies so they can show off their collection in a Riker mount storage box.

Armed with insect collecting supplies, you can peek into the world of insects. Discover life cycles, camouflage, locomotion, and more. Find insect collecting kitscollecting jarsspreading boards, books, display cases, pinning blocks, forceps—everything you need! You can even learn how to create an insect collection here! What are you waiting for? Checkout!