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Anatomy and Physiology Tools and Supplies

Shop anatomy models, medical kits & equipment, physiology supplies, and other anatomy teaching aids.

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Discover the fascinating functions of the human body with hands-on activities & science projects. Build a lung model, make a heart pump, and learn about eyes and vision.

Shop books, kits, and other supplies for human anatomy studies. Teaching anatomy for kids is easy with models of the human skeleton, eye, brain, and other body parts. Choose from x-ray sets, blood typing kits, DNA isolation labs, board games, and more!

At school or just for fun, children love studying their bodies and learning about what's under their skin. Such studies are referred to as anatomy and physiology—but what's the difference?

Anatomy for kids & adults means learning about the structure of the human and body. Teaching physiology for kids & adults is understanding the function and relationship of body parts. And here you'll find teaching aids for both!

Kids and adults enjoy measuring lung volume with a kit. A stethoscope lets kids hear their own heart and lungs. Discover organs with a brain and heart model or kidney filtration kit. Anatomy coloring books help kids visualize muscles, tendons, veins, bones & more.

You'll also find a selection of home health care supplies, like a blood pressure cuff, otoscope, and reflex hammer.