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Chemistry Sets & Lab Kits

Age-appropriate chemistry sets & lab kits make teaching chemistry fun, easy, and effective.

Chemistry sets for kids and adults will include instructions, experiment ideas, and the necessary tools for learning!

Chemistry doesn’t have to be intimidating — it can even be fun. Make it easy by getting a hands-on chemistry set that will help you explore this essential science topic with your kids.

To provide real chemistry lab experience without making you pull your hair out, pick a project kit with all supplies and lab instructions included. We pay careful attention to quality with our science kits, so you can be sure you’ll get step-by-step project guides and real lab tools — not cheap toys!

Looking for the perfect chemistry set for kids? For elementary age, kits like Slime and Polymer Lab Kit or Fizzy Foamy Science are exciting. Older kids can explore in more depth with our Classic Chemistry Kit or chemistry sets geared to their interests, like Chemistry of Food Experiment Kit.

And if you’re a chemistry pro, or are setting up a home lab, you’ll appreciate our equipment kits: the most-used lab tools and supplies combined into one convenient set, like the Deluxe Chemistry Glassware and Labware Kit.

Want it all? Get the Chemistry Equipment Kit to stock your lab, along with the Intro to Chemistry Kit with chemicals and instructions for over 25 chemistry experiments. Also, don’t miss money-saving class-sized chemistry kits if you’re teaching a group; check out Crime Scene Science Classroom Kit.

Think safe! With just a few safety items you can protect your students’ skin and eyes. Most of our chemistry kits include small objects — adult supervision is required.