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Nature Toys

Outdoor exploration with the perfect nature gift.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Science Gifts
    • Perfect for ALL Ages!

      “We got this for our neighbor's birthday when she turned 39. It's not just for kids! She flipped out she was so excited. The caterpillar voucher is easy to redeem and they arrive quickly. All 5 caterpillars survived. She LOVED watching the whole process up closely.”

      — Katie L.

    • Christmas Grab Must-Have

      “I got this product for my son for Christmas And he LOVES it! He loves looking at the exotic x-rays! You could even see what the animals had eaten! AWESOME KIT!!!”

      — Sandi B.

    • Makes a Great Gift!

      “My children loved watching the lady bug larvae eat and explore this habitat. Once they changed into pupas they couldn't wait to see them emerge as adults. We love that the ladybugs are pink, and not what we would usually find in our yard. Makes a great gift!”

      — Angel

    Explore the Wonders of Nature with Unique Nature Toys

    Elevate your kids' playtime with unique and engaging nature toys that encourage exploration and make the most of the great outdoors! Nature toys are the perfect choice for curious learners who love outdoor adventures, as well as those who may need a little inspiration to step outside.

    Our carefully curated selection of bestsellers and nature gift ideas serves as your ultimate gift guide. Kids will be thrilled by the possibilities that unfold with our wide array of nature and outdoor toys. From life cycles to plants and soil, rocks and minerals to the moon and stars, our nature toys, kits, and tools impart valuable lessons about the world around us.

    Unlike traditional chemistry kits or physics sets, nature toys offer freedom, improvisation, and abundant outdoor play opportunities. This makes them ideal for young kids or those who may be hesitant about science exploration.

    Discover the joys of:

    1. Butterfly Net, Magnifying Glass/Magnifier, and Educational Insights' Ant Factory: Invigorate outdoor play by exploring the critters that crawl, fly, and roam in the natural world.

    2. Life Cycle Replicas (Butterfly Garden or Frog Growing Kit): Witness growth and metamorphosis firsthand with captivating life cycle replicas.

    3. Geology Kits: Encourage earth investigation and hands-on exploration with kits that let kids play in the dirt.

    4. Backpack Adventure Kits and Field Guides: Inspire hands-on discovery, imaginative play, and enriching pretend play with these adventure-inspired kits.

    5. Sunprint Kit: Combine art with science as kids create beautiful prints using the power of the sun.

    6. Collection of Seashells: Display seashells in a DIY mount for a visually stunning exhibit. Don't forget to closely inspect rocks and seashells with a Geosafari Jr. microscope!

    Nature toys not only provide engaging science and nature experiences for kids but also encourage and support STEM learning in various ways. Discover which nature toys are on your children's wishlist and make playtime an educational adventure today!