Stereo and Dissecting Microscopes

Stereo dissection microscopes, some with dual power & stereo zoom.

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Stereo microscopes are also called stereoscopic and dissecting microscopes. They use lower power than compound microscopes. Their typical magnification levels range from about 10x-40x. They also feature two optical paths, so they have binocular eyepieces.

Stereoscopic microscopes are very versatile, since they're designed for viewing whole objects. Get a 3D view of things like rocks, insects, and flowers. But you can also use them to view prepared slides. Stereo microscopes are a helpful tool for nature studies and are ideal for young children.

Most of these products also work great as dissecting microscopes for viewing greater specimen detail. To take pictures of what you see up close, choose one of the digital stereo microscopes.

Here's what one customer had to say about the 20x/40x Dual Power Stereo Microscope: "I love this microscope...It has been fascinating for the kids to use to study bugs, leaves, crystals, and dollar bills among other things. We will be using this for years to come."