Stereo and Dissecting Microscopes
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Stereo and Dissecting Microscopes

Stereo dissection microscopes, some with dual power & stereo zoom.

Stereo microscopes are also called stereoscopic and dissecting microscopes. Compared to compound microscopes, dissecting microscopes have lower power optical systems and illuminators; a dissecting microscope's typical magnification ranges from about 10x-40x. Because stereo microscopes have less powerful magnification abilities, the types of objects or critters you can observe through them changes, and the working distances (distances from the front of the objective lenses to the closest surface on the coverslip) increase. Thus, these microscopes give students the option to manipulate the specimen they are observing!

Unlike monocular or trinocular microscopes, stereo-dissecting microscopes feature two optical paths through their binocular head (meaning it has two 10x eyepieces). These high-quality binocular microscopes are excellent and ideal for young children, but can also truly be used by curious learners of any age.

Binocular stereo microscopes are very versatile! Their low magnification capabilities, expanded field of view, long working distances, excellent stage plates, and high-quality halogen or LED illumination lighting all work together to give observers a 3D, color-accurate view of things such as rocks, insects, flowers, and dissection specimens. When doing an animal dissection, students can use a stereo microscope to view their specimen with greater detail - hence their alternate name (dissecting microscope)!

Stereo microscopes are a helpful tool for nature studies, they can be used to view prepared microscope slides, and they are perfect for observing specimens that light cannot shine through (i.e. things that cannot be studied with a compound microscope). They make for excellent biology experiences in middle school, high school, and beyond.

To take pictures of what you see up close, choose the National Optical Digital Stereo Microscope with an attached microscope camera! Its built-in megapixel digital camera provides amazingly clear, high-resolution still and video images.

Browse our selection above to find zoom stereo microscopes with excellent zoom magnification and zoom range, a pocket-sized zoom microscope that you can take anywhere, dual-power stereo microscopes, and more! All of our stereo and dissecting microscopes come with a dust cover for safe storage.

Here's what one customer had to say about the 20x/40x Dual Power Stereo Microscope:

"I love this microscope...It has been fascinating for the kids to use to study bugs, leaves, crystals,
and dollar bills among other things. We will be using this for years to come."