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Invest in the longevity of your microscope with quality maintenance and essential parts. Discover a wide range of microscope parts, from bulbs and lenses to mechanical stages, designed to enhance your microscopy experience.

Stereo and compound microscopes are more than just tools – they're investments. When you choose a high-quality microscope and diligently care for it, you're ensuring a lifetime of exceptional performance. At HST, we provide all the essential microscope parts you'll ever need to keep your microscope in prime condition.

Effective microscope maintenance is key to its enduring performance. Start with routine tasks like replacing microscope light bulbs for consistent illumination. Don't overlook basic lens cleaning, as crystal-clear optics are vital for accurate observations. Our selection of maintenance supplies caters to these needs and more, ensuring your microscope remains in pristine condition.

Upgrade your microscope's capabilities by exploring our comprehensive collection of microscope parts. Enhance your microscopy sessions by adding a mechanical stage, a valuable accessory for precise sample movement. If your microscope lacks a mechanical stage, we offer compatible options that seamlessly integrate with your setup.

Unlock new dimensions of detail and clarity with a higher magnification objective lens. Our assortment includes objective lenses that bring out finer nuances in your samples, delivering unparalleled views that leave you captivated.

Browse through our extensive range of microscope parts, encompassing bulbs, eyepieces, objective lenses, and mechanical stages. Engineered to fit most full-size microscopes adhering to DIN standard optics, our parts ensure compatibility and exceptional performance. Elevate your microscope experience with additional accessories like storage cases, a protective dust cover, and immersion oil, all designed to safeguard your investment.

Invest wisely in microscope parts that bolster performance and longevity. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our selection caters to your every microscopy need. Explore our store today and take a step towards enhancing your microscopic journey.

Microscope Parts: Cases, Bulbs, and Accessories

Microscope parts, cleaning kits, compound parts, light bulbs, and cases. 

What Others Are Saying About HST Microscope Parts

    • “Home Science Tools is my go to place for Microbiology accessories. Great prices, great and fast service. (Microscope Immersion Oil)”

      — Martin J.

    • “If you're going to invest the money in a home microscope, you want it to last. This is a great item that the microscope fits easily into with interior pockets for storage. I appreciate knowing that our microscope isn't sitting out collecting dust when we're not using it, but is safe in it's case. (Microscope Carrying Case)”

      — Renee

    • “If you are spending the money on a microscope, get this accessory! It makes scanning, finding what you want, so much easier, especially when you have multiple users, so the slide gets moved around a lot for each one to look. (Mechanical Stage)”

      — Jane D.