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Microscope Parts: Cases, Bulbs, Accessories

Microscope parts, cleaning kits, compound parts, light bulbs, and cases.

Stereo and compound microscopes are an investment. But if you buy a quality one and maintain it well, it will last a lifetime. Here you'll find all the microscope parts you'll need throughout the life of your 'scope.

How do you properly maintain your microscope? Changing the microscope light bulbs is an obvious one. Basic lens cleaning is another. Find supplies here for both!

Along with maintenance supplies, shop microscope parts to upgrade your microscope, too. Add a mechanical stage, if your microscope didn't come with one. A new objective lens with greater magnification reveals more detail for better views.

Our microscope parts selection includes microscope bulbs, eyepieces, objective lenses, and mechanical stages. These parts fit most full-size microscopes with DIN standard optics. You'll also find storage cases, a dust cover, and immersion oil.