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Exploring the Building Blocks of Science

Exploring the Building Blocks of Science from Real Science-4-Kids.

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Introducing the Building Blocks series from Rebecca Keller, PhD, and Real Science-4-Kids. Cover fundamental aspects of five science subjects over the course of a year.

Building Blocks is for students from pre-K or kindergarten through middle school. (Grade 8 coming soon).

What is spiral learning?

Kids learn chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy with the spiral teaching method. First, teach the basics of each topic. Throughout the year, revisit the basics while adding related details and complexity.

The outcome? Students display better long-term mastery of facts and concepts.

Plus, spiral learning adapts well to different learning styles. Visual learners revisit and expand topics using images. Verbal learners use reading and writing to build upon lessons, and so on.

What's included in the Building Blocks of Science curriculum?

  • 5 core disciplines: chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy
  • 22 chapters for one year of study
  • 44 hands-on experiments each year
  • Secular science curriculum
  • Spiral teaching method
  • Student text, teacher’s manual & lab workbook

 Want a closer look at Building Blocks of Science?

For a peek inside, download a sample set to preview any of the book levels. Samples include: three chapters from the student text, teacher’s manual & lab workbook.