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Basic Protozoa Set - Live Culture
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Marine Biology Equipment, Tools & Kits

Oceanography supplies, water life study & marine biology teaching supplies.

Oceanography for kids is an underwater world waiting to be explored. Whether you live far from the ocean or near a beach, you can study aquatic life. Dive right in today!

Some fun ideas include raising Sea Monkeys or Triops (which also make a great gift idea!). Or observe live cultures of water creatures like daphnia or planaria. Look at seashells and use a marine biology for kids coloring book to make oceanography accessible to all ages. Older ocean science students will love experimenting with osctracods (dried "sea fireflies").

What is marine biology for kids? It's the science of studying organisms living in or dependent upon the ocean. Discover fish, ocean mammals, their habitats, what they eat, and more. For a related activity, see our free Brine Shrimp Science Project.