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Science Experiment Kits that Get Results

Science Foundation Series offers a robust and thorough science experience for learners in grades 3 through high school and beyond. These science experiment kits are your key to finding and inspiring your child's science passion! Each Science Foundation Series kit includes:

  • Materials to learn about several science topics within one science subject for over two months
  • A thorough manual to walk you through every science experiment and science lesson
  • High-quality lab equipment

More than just science experiments

The Science Foundation Series kits are more than "one and done" experiment kits. This series of science kits take students on a journey of discovery with lessons, hands-on science experiments, and thought-provoking knowledge assessments. These kits are available for three different science subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth & Space

Every kit explores a wide variety of topics within each of these science subjects. Discover what an Astrometer is, or answer the question "what substrates lead to the fastest polar ice cap melting?" with the Complete Introduction to Earth & Space (Grades 6-8). Learn what the difference is between a physical change and a chemical changes through hands-on science activities with our best-selling Complete Introduction to Chemistry (Grades 6-8). Dissect a mammal brain and learn how blood pumps through the body with the Complete Introduction to Biology (Grades 9+). Looking for a way to spark a joy for science in your elementary-age child? The Complete Introduction to Physics (Grades 3-5) lets your child set up their own rubber band helicopter and teaches them about different types of energy and how modern technologies work. 

The Science Foundation Series is the perfect fit for any child - whether they are passionate about science, or at the beginning of their discovery journey.