Lab Measuring Equipment

Thermometers, masses weights, scales & more.

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  • Spring Scales and Balances
    Spring Scales and Balances

    Use spring scales to measure force in newtons or mass in grams using the integrated hook. Various sizes and types, including tubular, spring balance, and push/pull. 

  • Masses and Weights
    Masses and Weights

    From large hanging weights to precision masses with accuracy to 0.01 gram, find weights and mass sets to meet your science lab needs.

  • NeuLog Logger Sensors
    NeuLog Logger Sensors

    Use NeuLog Logger Sensors in your experiments to eliminate the lengthy process of recording data and creating graphs and start analyzing data sooner.

Find tools and equipment for measurement experiments in physics and physical science labs.

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Essential measurement equipment for chemistry labs!

Thermometers and pipettes are essential equipment for many chemistry labs. Use one of the standard 12" lab thermometers for traditional measurements, or one of the digital instruments for very accurate and easy recording of temperature or pH level. Graduated pipettes allow for very accurate liquid measurements.

Use a balance to accurately measure out small amounts of chemicals.