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Lab Measuring Equipment

Lab measuring instruments: thermometers, masses and weights, scales and more.

Shop all the measuring instruments you need for your science lab!

Get a micrometer, meter stick, calipers, calibration tools, a protractor, and more. Our lab measuring equipment gives you accuracy and precision you can trust for your experiments. Durable measuring instruments withstand years of use in classrooms, homeschool settings, and beyond.

Thermometers and pipettes are essential equipment for many chemistry labs. Choose standard lab thermometers for traditional measurement. Or get one of the digital instruments to easily record temperature or pH level.

Balances and scales let you accurately measure out small amounts of chemicals. Large hanging weights and precision masses with accuracy to 0.01 gram meet your science lab needs. And spring scales feature an integrated hook and measure force in newtons or mass in grams.

Remember: All measurement supplies are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Look for bulk discount pricing on quantities of 10 or more.