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Denatured Alcohol Fuel, 16 ounces
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Lab Hot Plates and Lab Heating Equipment

Laboratory hot plates, stirrers, alcohol lamps, and burners.

Every chemist – student or pro – needs a lab with a hot plate or burners in order to experiment. Get a high-quality laboratory burner that can withstand high temperatures so you can do projects safely and easily. Shop here for a variety of natural gas burners, alcohol lamps, and lab hot plates.  

Got a chemistry or microbiology lab experiment that requires gently heating a mixture or solution? One of these easy-to-use, wickless alcohol lamps and burners will provide a hot, consistent flame. For a home lab or professional one, alcohol burners are a truly useful tool, designed to be safe, sturdy, and efficient. And the fuel (denatured alcohol) is easy to refill.  

For other heating options, check out our butane burners, extra-safe lab burners, hot plates, and traditional wick-style alcohol lamps. Also shop burner accessories such as an alcohol burner lamp stand or lighter.  

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