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Pulleys and Gears

Pulleys & gears lab supplies for teaching the physics of simple machines.

Teach students about pulleys and gears with a variety of physics equipment. Experiment with simple machines and fundamental forces and discover the mechanical advantage of pulley systems.

These pulleys and gears are to illustrate mechanical advantage. They are light duty, but work perfectly for STEM projects and science studies. You can also choose complete experiment kits from Engino that are built around pulleys for kids.

For a less expensive choice, kids can build their own simple pulley system with only a few science tools (rope, pulleys, gears). And you can find them all here! Plus, you get discount pricing on bulk quantities of 10 or more.

Start with an introductory lesson and some hands-on activities with pulleys for kids setting up a block and tackle. Then move into more advanced pulleys and gears. Find single pulleys, double parallel and double tandem, and even triple parallel and triple tandem pulleys.

Note: We've found that the single pulleys work best when the string is weighted. Without weight, you may encounter string slippage. But attaching a 50-gram weight to the string allows proper function.